Dr Sebi – Life Is Right On Time

Dr Sebi

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Dr Sebi:

and that’s not enough we want something beside that

Do you, but we never think about that, that’s why one day I’m looking at with Taiwa. Me and Taiwa were looking at these cartoons, I want to call to the muppet

I am alive, I am alive a-l-i-v-e, i am alive, a donkey is alive, a chicken is alive and so am I, I am alive!

And I kept hearing that, I am alive

Do you know what that means, man ,that’s everything. But in today’s world I’m alive it’s insufficient. I need diamonds on my body, right? I need monuments, I need a roulette watch man, I, I need my Rolex watch, you know, are you eventually in something i i i need iIdon’t need and i need uh Pablo are you here to el Topo

well again you see that comes out of your culture el Topo is one of the baddest pieces you’re gonna ever see where this man mother died his son was very much attached to his mommy

and boy his daddy saw that and saw that this dependency is unreal he told his son to gather all the things that he liked best and in the thing that he liked best was his mother picture. He should put it in that bag and he took him in the desert and said you dig a hole and you put that stuff in there and bury it and have the boy jump on the back of the hall going back well they told me the story i didn’t see it but it’s in their toppo but i know this kind of energy comes out of Mexico, it’s some deep [ __ ] they put some deep [ __ ] on your ass look number one here’s one for you

the woman that killed the the naked man in in uh in a

inedible seal

the prediction they were to take your clothes off she’d take your clothes off and he got him naked and they man sit right down

and they could

they could not understand why but the oxygen wasn’t was engulfing his body now and his brain his central nervous system calming down oxygen but we covered that

because we have to obey the mandate designed by the industrialists not the mandate of life itself and whenever you step out of the mandate of life you get into trouble big time because now you’re violating life and you’re going to get away with that are you out of your mind you could violate socrates and rachel but you’re not going to play with life the two people or two things that you would not play with is life and that one i’m not banded self yes i learned about stuff in detroit from a sister who’s a school teacher where the description she gave himself i mean you don’t want to mess with self mess with anything else but self and it is so beautiful so now we find ourselves we find ourselves

trying to make a decision in our lives or make a decision in our lives that will bring others bring about a degree of peace because that’s how we’re looking for it’s peace just contentment to be tranquil yeah i could smile i could listen to the birds i could enjoy the butterflies of course why not

but for us to really understand the mechanics behind that we have to begin with life itself what about life

there’s an arrangement there is an arrangement that is right on time every year spring is never late summer is never late winter nor autumn they come right on time and those plants that we see that blooms every year they come at the same time every year what happened is there a computer in each of those plants that’s going to connect them with the time and with this opponent to bloom

no that is a cosmic arrangement like that plant like that bird that flies from the north to the south when winter arrives or when autumn arrives he doesn’t read on a calendar oh it is october or november the 27th we got to start packing

he picks it up in his feathers and they all get the same message and they are gone south so now as we begin to talk about the thing that we talk about they should always be connected to the foundation of life why because it is electrical

is electrical is compatible with us

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