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Dr Sebi

welcome back to the lost bank show I’m your host Lois Banks and today it’s my pleasure and my honor to introduce the world actually the whole world actually knows Dr Sebi but i have the honor to introduce Dr Sebi to the lost bank show thank you Dr Sebi for coming thank you for inviting me i am so excited um i actually prayed about two years ago i asked god to allow you to be a guest on my show um you don’t know but i am a licensed nurse by trade I’ve been work walking and working in the healing ministry for almost 30 years i actually teach people how to eat properly i hold a bachelor of science degree in healthcare administration and in April this year I’ll have a master’s degree but like you i went back to the natural things that god um instructed humankind to to do as far as learning how to take proper care of the body and when i go out across America and I’m doing health conferences i actually do what you do i teach people how to eat properly how to come off the chemicals how to drink the purified water and i send people to your website so that they will learn how to put herbs in their body and cleanse their body now there’s uh some information as far as the church is concerned has been missing the church leaders are not incorporating herbs uh in the nutritional program and I’ve been quite irritated with that because people are actually dying uh needlessly but when i go out and do the health conferences and i teach people how to eat properly then god comes in and he does the miraculous when I’m praying for people i see blind eyes open up the deaf ears are hearing and I’ve actually had people’s legs grow out in my hands so I’ve learned to take authority and speak to body parts and when i speak to like an arm or a leg it actually grows out and so I’ve learned to combine both realms together the natural realms that god has created and also the power of god walking in the power of god i would like for you to open up your heart and talk to the uh television audience and give them a little bit more insight about how god works with you because i know he does do you have how do you know which herbs to combine and put together is it over a period of time you’ve learned to create the herbs and put the herbs together or do does god give you dreams do you just have a knowing of how to how to heal humankind can you open up and talk a little bit about that thank you we’re going to address the church that you mentioned yes the church is one of the valuable the most valuable institution in the society it is true that the church has not offered itself on the level of nutrition because the church is unaware it’s not fault of the preacher the preacher intent is to do good okay the preacher wants his congregation to be healthy because the society would be healthy but the church is totally as to the things that has been made over the period of 500 years speaking in England with this man known as Grigor Mendel he was a jesuit priest he began the process of hybridization and cross-pollination he began to make things the church is unaware of that so when a brother or a sister eat hog mars chitlins and when the other one eat lamb and barley one is a muslim one is a christian but the boat eat food that are totally inconsistent with our cellular predisposition so what are we saying here that the church is wrong no the church needs to raise its level of understanding at this point because we are at this juncture in life now about food knowing what to eat is very extremely important why because the food that you eat would ensure that your biology would be nourished okay but then we have to put so many things into consideration one you do not feed the gorilla the food of the polar bear you will not feed the burdock the food of the sea moss so it goes right we see that plants and animals are tied to a particular expression or particular food and they live in certain environment you and i would agree that things function best when they are in their original form than in their natural or in their you know altered state how do they function best in their original form not in the altered state well let us see when we talk about people today which one of us live in the environment that were designed by creation and creator which one of us i don’t think that there are many people there are very few of us except for the Eskimo.

he’s the only one that i would see that live in the environment that was designed on some black people in Africa but when we begin to talk about originality we have to consider Africa but according to the history of black people it begin with slavery well my our history did not begin in slavery it began long before slavery and this is where Dr Sebi himself personally draw his energy from that black woman in the jungles of Africa and what does she have to do with anything she have everything to do with everything and how is that well it is said that i should honor my mother and my father am i right yes you are okay well my mother in the jungles of Africa didn’t have alcohol she didn’t have prostitution she didn’t have any drugs my mother didn’t have hospitals my mama didn’t have any drug store neither does she have any medicine neither does she eat anything that god did not make that’s right mama only ate that which was alkali so my understanding of life is generated through that black woman in the jungles of Africa and i could never lose because i am told that i should honor my mother and my father so if you bring me something that is other than the jungle then you are offending me and you are totally unaware of that but when you attach me or you link me to the jungle then you link me to an alkali world that is the answer to nutrition and disease alkalinity well now mama mama doesn’t know what to select because mama talk about enzymes and protein and these things have nothing to do with human life nothing whatsoever but this is mama today because mama also has been altered like me i’m not saying that i have not been because I’m wearing clothes and this is a violation my body is not breathing I’m reading through my nose only but my cells are not so you see i am being violated and I’m satisfied because this is the dictator of today yes but about nutrition we have to consider geography and cellular predisposition meaning that the food of the chinese the food of the caucasian the food the black man cannot be the same because there is a difference in the genetical predisposition yes that is how i arrive and where i am wherever that place is wow now i i know because i did a lot of research um on you and a lot of people have been healed from so many diseases from hiv to aids to sickle cell and the list goes on tell me Dr Sebi how does god deal with your mind and your spirit to combine the herbs do you dream about how to combine the herbs do you just have a knowing inside your spirit of what herbs will be a blessing to humankind maybe the reason that i was able to combine these herbs and perform what are known as synergism he said i don’t have a mind and i don’t have a soul because i don’t know what those things are i live outside of that paradigm so how did i do this well again I’m that little boy that i always think of when i was 14 years of age that little boy that couldn’t talk about what he really see because the grown-ups did not permit you to talk and also the religious belief around you didn’t permit you to express your inner desires not that i made it one i think that i should have the privilege to talk about the truth about me i never saw things the same as my friends i don’t think the same with my friends today so what i did when the doctors talk about germ virus bacteria i said no

no such thing what do you mean what you mean what do i mean i mean the disease is not already originated with germ virus or bacteria disease has one origin and one alone the body has been invaded by mucus that has been broken down without that breaking of the mucous membrane there would be no disease and the only reason why the mucous membrane may be compromised is because you’re lacking of iron so there again so when i put it together when you ask me the question i don’t want you to believe or to think that i am such an intelligent man a wise man no I’m none of that I’m none of that I’m just that little boy that’s 14 years of age that saw things differently and then had the nerve to bring it forward like you know I’ve met people with phds that are afraid to talk i don’t have any degree i didn’t even go to school I’ve never read any book but one which was engineering but i met people that have read tons of books and all kind of philosophy and they are afraid to talk with me i suppose it is because

I’m not afraid you know i don’t live in fear i don’t fear god i don’t fear the devil i don’t live in fear i don’t have to live in fear i just live and in that life process i ask questions so when i saw this thing about one disease i wasn’t afraid to bring it out now you ask me how did you arrive in in the understanding

that would show you that there’s only one disease i don’t know it’s like asking me how did the eagle learn to make its nest and that nest is properly weaved that eagle didn’t go to school to learn how to do that nest it’s in the dna so naturally i cannot take any credit for it it’s in the DNA okay beautiful answer thank you so much for sharing um your response with me now i remember two years ago i was introduced to a urban farmer in Atlanta, Georgia his name was tenenzio his name is tenenzel and he introduced me to your name when my television crew completed the interview they uploaded it on YouTube and i went on your website and i ordered your products i loved how my body felt after putting um the herbs in my body i noticed um an increase in my energy my skin started to brighten up when i was in school seems like my mind just soaked in knowledge and was able to internalize it on a whole a different level i liked how the products worked in in my body my i told my family about it i had one family member who wore glasses when she started to take the cmos in the bladder right her her doctor her eye doctor actually lowered her prescription my mom was walking on a cane when she started to take your seat moss and bladder wreck and lily of the valley she came off her cane the the combination of the herbs that are in the that are formulated together are so powerful i can’t even imagine humanity not having this information it’s just um it’s just a blessing i just want to thank you so much for not being afraid for uh reaching in and helping humanity of the way that you have now uh dr sabi will you open up a little bit and talk about the the new york court case that you won the new york court case that was engineered by my mother that was engineered by my mother my mama the one that engineered my life the one that brought it forth in the first place the one that i worship was my god my mama yeah that woman she called me one night i was in washington and she said you know i’ve been telling people the thing that you’ve been doing but it’s difficult for them to believe it could do me a favor put the ad in the papers put the ad in the paper that you kill aids secretary lupus herpes cancer and the rest advertise it i said but i’m gonna go to jail that’s exactly what i want you to do go to jail because that’s the only way that you may gain the notoriety and the respect that you deserve so i told nazar mojo in washington i said could you please design this ad has been killed by the ocean research institute and we specialize in careful sickle cell lupus herpes cancer paralysis impotence and others when i put the ad on the paper was 1985 the month of march in New York the ad ran from 1985 until 1987. at that point i began to hear people calling me why did you advertise that you care aids well i didn’t have to give them any response you should be ashamed of yourself advertising that you cure aids and that idea and that look i don’t want to hear it because i don’t respond to things like that the attorney general then sent his assistant phyllis pay the assistant to the attorney general of new york robert abrams she sent me a ram that i should come to her office and bring with me any complaints that may i have may have received i said that date that you asked me to come to your office i selected to be with my wife and my babies in luquillo beach and in Puerto Rico and i went when i came back they arrested me practicing medicine without a license selling product not approved by the FDA and claiming to cure aids and other diseases which is a fraudulent claim well i like the detective how do you know it is a fraudulent claim has anyone investigated me that wasn’t even necessary you’re going to jail oh yeah okay so they had the gun drawn i said why do you have your gun drawn the element of surprise i see my mama told me he was coming two years ago

so enough for you surprise i went to court the judge said well you’re gonna have to bring one of every patient that you have cured with a medical diagnostic sheet from an accredited medical school aids blindness diabetes sickle cell paralysis and others which was nine i took 77 because i care aids but to many people that is so impossible but you know what i found remember what we said that things function best in their original form than in their altered state well for me to really bring out of me the greatest expression of a black man that i have to negate all others i am a black man don’t expect anything German, English, Spanish for me expect something altogether different and that difference is that I’m connected to the cosmic procession of life that particular source of giving is where i draw from that avails me the privilege to do what I’m doing because if i am half black or half white i cannot function best but if I’m all black i could function because i am in my element am i right yes thank you yes powerful that’s not powerful that’s you yes yes that’s you the black woman that’s who i draw from although some of our sisters are damaged just like i have been but there are cities out there that i have met in my lifetime that resonate on a very high plane you guys are so powerful that you guys are confronted you women females are confronted with situation that you may not have been confronted with previously but you have the answer when you’re faced with it you always have that answer by me not having a daddy i never had a father i never had a male in my proximity i never had a male in the house to tell me do this or do that never i never had a stepfather i never had a father i only had a mother and a grandmother so when i think of life i see life through the eyes of these two women and that’s it and i’m satisfied okay okay now i want to talk a little bit about

chemicals on the hair color on the hair wearing your hair maybe in the most natural state most of the time my hair is an afro either in afro or in braids um i don’t put chemicals in my hair i don’t try not to press my hair um can you talk a little bit about how damaging chemicals are on the brain and the pores and how damaging that can be

you know i shouldn’t have to talk about that because we said about altered an original state no when you put anything on your hair because the head is so porous anything you put up here goes straight into the brain and it affects you adversely so naturally any chemical that you put on your head on your hair would affect your thinking not only your thinking but what about the babies that you hold against your hair and the baby face I’ve had many babies brought to me that was damaged you know the dermal with damage because of the mother wearing chemical in her hair so it is good that you do not wear any chemicals okay this question i asked today why do we have to ask what is the damage done you know there is damage done when any chemical is used you know that yes why do we use them well the reason why i wanted you to bring it out is because a lot of times people will hear it from a different vessel or there are hear it explained in a different light and i don’t hear a lot of this being talked especially um in the African-american community and and i wanted people to hear from you the damaging effects i understand i understand you know the African-american community is one of the most educated community in the world i could attest to that because i interrelate with people all over the world from Russia to china from china to south America and when i remember in my journey the only thing that i see with the African in America not the African-american because that’s a hybrid either you’re African and you’re American one of the two right well we are African people in America so do we have any information in the schools that would help us to understand who we are the answer is no because all the information in the school was written by Europeans for Europeans and I’m not saying that was bad i’m all i’m saying that we are at the juncture in life where we have to bring and put into motion those components that gonna aid us the privilege to prevent us from asking the questions why do we use this what are the effect of this it’s like protein what is protein i don’t think there’s a black person in the world that knows what that is but if you talk to them they will say you know i need protein for what what is it they don’t know so we need to educate ourselves or re not re-educate but acquaint ourselves with that which is alkali which is electrical from that which is acid which is non-electrical we don’t know these things but once upon a time our mothers did because they were in the jungle and in the jungle you only have that which is alkali that’s right so now we begin to see where we need this information that Dr Sebi has had accumulated over the years to be shared on a broader spectrum um I’ve enjoyed this interview I’ve enjoyed this interview with dr Sebi, Dr Sebi thank you so much for taking this time and opening up your heart and talking to the television viewers and can you tell them where they can order your products could i tell the viewers where they can order your product oh yes you could order a product right here in Memphis uh by my sister 38 33 south third street i think you will get information telephone number later which is uh

901-237-9777 my main office is in Los Angeles, California which is the office where you know we sent things all over the world and that office is area code 310

that’s dr 838-2490 self if you would like to log in to the internet that is my information yes thank you so much dr sabi for honoring me with your presence and sharing information um this is actually a prayer that actually came to pass and i thank you so much for everything you’re doing for humanity thank you so much i want to thank you for inviting me i want to thank you so very much and you’re the listing off audience thank you very much for listening

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