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Dr Sebi

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Dr Sebi:

oops because they said that marijuana is a drug but i don’t know when it became a drug is very much organic very much natural

so when they said it was a drug what part of it makes it a drug the thc well listen to this

water is a drug you want to hear it yes when they said that marijuana is a drug and it is because it has an instruction the thc meaning that marijuana has a hundred and two minerals and if you take one out the arrangement the tac by itself is a protoplasmic poison it has to work in conjunction with the rest with water you have hydrogen and oxygen when if you separate the water pure oxygen it’s deadly

it in report they make what thank you so when they talk about marijuana being a drug they talk about splitting it no in nature use everything as is whole complete

i drink it i drink it every day as often as i can too but these last days i’ve been taking the green food it made a belief out of me and i never use it

but then someone called about the bientot and a little boy named abu bakr from washington dc said do never stop making the banshee

i will sit right in that chair and look around this house and said i know where you made this house i said oh you made three circles and you joined them and that’s what it is

that little boy was very observant

would come here and have a long conversation with me and said don’t you ever stop making the banjo i said why it’s an intelligent medicine it’s a tonic it’s a liquid but i will notice that since you’ve been drinking it it’s grazed

that was me

taiwan tell them what is good for your pressure

tell them what people need when they wait

it’s a little bit iron so taiwa said that she’s a doctor right tell me she’s a doctor and i believe her that’s my daughter what did you tell me tyler and you know we have a relationship like no other daughter her mother gave her to me when she was only eight months and me and ty was in that room right then until she was a year and eight months it was me and my baby and she grew up with daddy when she’s a year and eight months i got her a babysitter now look i’m 79

the [ __ ] sent me now with the baby

that’s her mother okay

oh she wants to present thank you

close but things happened why did mama gave up to me at eight months i’m up here it was a saturday evening about robert’s time i said police car come up here and this girl in the police car with the baby and she said hair

and gave me the bag of diapers

and the police say we got to take her she’s very sick she was certain with postpartum depression and she was dropping the baby did you know that what angela yates did yeah until he killed five babies right yeah yeah that needed me to kill her babies that lady was sick

i could see it so tamara brought the baby to me and said i’m left with the police and they took her to the doctor two years passed

taiwan and i downstairs and here come pamela taiwan said ask me who’s that and she has your mommy she ran to her mommy and raised her dress up and grabbed her by her breath oh my god yeah she still does that oh wait no that little girl had to come into this world you know why i said that because i fought pamela i was 78 and my palmetto is 23. i’m 25 years older than famela’s daddy

i could be female’s grandfather i’ll say what you want with me i don’t know what you said because you’re black you’re old and you’re ugly

but you’re gonna be my baby’s daddy

oh my god

wait wow so i said what makes you think i could make babies i’m 78. she said you can your voice when she got pregnant and then i’m gonna suffer now my friend said he’s a big man baby

amanda tells me i dream with your mama every night

let’s see but my mama died three years ago she said but i dreamed with your mama and might be gonna look like your mama not only did the baby look like my mama she was born the very day

the 26th of february

so when you look at taiwa you she had to be there i’ve passed for men i don’t wanna have a good young girl

and then her daddy came and tell me i don’t know what might be done or she in york but she’s in love with you and she is an old man

about the relationship is not about me using energy to hold her you know what i mean like some men would no it’s none of that

so i have a young family she takes care of you too huh she takes care of you oh pamela is honest you bring my cmos yes in the morning when you wake can have the up mouth with hemp milk

and you sweet it with some agave and put a little bit of salt in it and you put out some spelt bread coconut butter that stuff gonna make you feel so good that sea moss is loaded with energy it has a lot of silica a lot of calcium a lot of phosphorus a lot of it not to mention iodine so pamela is the only one that knows how to prepare mercy modern life and she said she said it pamela is very good but i’m still fighting her yeah

you know like i don’t know why i’m feeling she need to be with somebody else

takes care of you really well as well oh time will take care of me yeah she does everything i will always take your daddy

diabetes now can i do that man that’s going to help you i need to be diabetic that’s why i’m here because i suffered everything that you suffered okay so that’s why i’m here because i’ve seen the testimonial i’ve seen everything that you said on your videos but then i have to travel here that’s right you see it when you can uh friday would be nice oh well thursday will be my second week i’ll be here and see you later you sure oh stabilize right now satellites at 87 90 that’s what i’m talking about that’s what i’m talking about that is what i’m talking about

yeah dr satan uh i have a question can i um can i talk to you in private is that is that what they’d be not now what what about yeah about about a uh tomorrow tomorrow yeah okay no problem tomorrow thank you where are you from

there’s a doctor they named dr darcy you know her she’s an mb she called me yesterday she want to join me she to cuss me out

you know but now she want to join me and i like it because it’s going to help more people yes yes and i need her service yeah but yes baltimore i remember 30th street

30th yeah the bay area i like baltimore i was in dc

a i have a question doctor about parkinson’s um is is that something that you feel can be sold with uh herbs you don’t control it my first parkinson’s case where this man named uh he was the base he’s a bases in new york mr chandler yeah mr chandler mr chandler came and said i was in new york broadway

he said you know i don’t have much money

because i’m a musician

and my wife is a burden on me have parkinson for nine years

you gotta change her you gotta cook for her you gotta do everything for her but the man is beautiful he’s kind and i listened to this man that in my hotel i said mr chandler i’ve never treated parkinson before but i suspect is the central nerve disease taiwan

oh no


i’m not going to make any promises but i know she will do better was the friday that sunday morning listen to this sunday morning i gotta call the hotel hi dr stevie i said hi i’m mr chandler’s wife i made it to breakfast today for the first time in nine years

that made me feel so good oh my god that made me feel good

the second case was the priest the catholic church in brooklyn on montague one of you okay so that prince in there went from honduras and he had heard about me and i went to see him you took the remedy and he said you could give a speech at my church and in the middle of the speech he stopped the speech and said i have to demonstrate something and be shaved

and they wonder why he’s shaving you couldn’t shave yourself for seven years wow what was the remedy

here again it’s not the remedy alone it’s the diet

the remedy may vary

this man had diabetes and another person have diabetes and we give them the same thing he recovers and this one has why that’s when you get into the understanding of biology and you respond to certain things it’s not what i gave him but i gave him everything that was related to the central nerve system you see you have to be able to compartmentalize it like if somebody come with ricketts but i know that’s his bones someone has sickle cell anemia but that’s not his nerve that is blood and so and if he comes when you just put it in the department where it belongs in the category yes we have many people parkinson and the priest he was so happy present from santa barbara

i want this to be you guys own that’s what i want berlin was going to come into being in two days are you going to be a family affair and where we help each other we share information yeah we share and you become a support group and it was beautiful and i didn’t know you all yes we can do it i’m miss new york i’m miss new york you can do it again yeah i love new york question i’m from new york yeah i mean new york treated me so good now you guys treated me so good in new york i’m from new york and um for 10 years i’ve been calling some of the sweetest people of me

thank you and i know i’m getting better because the green food i was taking green food and i was taking the iron plus that took me on a level that i had never experienced in my life all right so i know the products work that’s why i’m here thank you but my main one my anger is and i understand that’s why i’m here my anger is i was dealing with baba who’s up in um gun hill road um rashad that was one of my doctors herbalist you know i mean i was dealing with it for so many years and now you know bob i was gonna help and um i never got well from nothing that they were doing and you know it’s like it’s frustrating now for me because for 10 years i’ve been on herbs what did i have teachers in 10 years she was on earth 10 years on herbs 10 years she’s been on herbs baba she was being treated by baba and he didn’t help it didn’t help her baba rashad was shot and they’re both on in manhattan

another one of your words

i’ve been doing this 10 years and i haven’t gotten my healing but like i said the products that i bought the three products that i bought i’m doing better now than i’ve ever done in the ten years yeah so i’m here usha to start my i’ve been on this journey but now i see healing coming our pressure’s down the different things that’s wrong with me i see as being correct and i just want to thank you for sharing your you know not philosophy but letting us know that healing does exist i don’t have a philosophy you don’t have philosophy i don’t need that you’re right you know that’s why when i decided to quit my job as an engineer my mama said make sure you’re able to do what you want to do right yeah don’t go into the field and you’re going to offer something other than good that she will take it out for 10 years and let it work because i know he was giving her some not too good herb you know many people have various ways to get to the goal but there’s only one way there that they show the organic way yes and the organic way is electrical it’s electrical

it’s pulsing

it gets to you because you can see so they have this thing called affinity assimilation it’s beautiful i’m going to morocco the after tomorrow casablanca anyone you all been there

it’s a beautiful city and matthew and i are going there to do some purchasing i’m really debating what are we going to eat you know but morocco have good food yeah good bread too it’s gonna be a problem yeah roseanne is a sportsman for bolingo okay okay

it’s a beautiful thing creating a nice healthy family the organic family where we could depend on each other sharing certain information you know because i really love this i love doing this when i was a little boy 12 i’m running the streets right everybody’s in school but me

so my grandmother said we’re going to fix him so they sent me to this guy named bowie renault buddy renault is the tailor mr renault

so i’m sitting in this tail shop searching oh my god and i’m hanging these birds outside sitting and i’m thinking about the river man i got up on that chair and i threw that team and that ball at that table and i walked out the taylor shop

i went to the river

i was 12 12 33 1945 1979

i’m in honduras

and i saw the taylor shop so i told my wife i said that’s the theater show my mom said me too

i hope he’s alive when i got to the potato shop the man is very much alive


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