Dr Sebi – Is Menstruation (Period) Normal


Thank you, some females report that when they take… when they’re eating from the nutritional guide their menses stop. Should they be worried about fertility?

Dr Sebi:
When they said that when they eat from the nutritional guide that her menses stop.

Some menses stop and some some feel no more pain, which is good, but some people’s just stop altogether, so they’re worried about where am I fertile?

Dr Sebi:
Wait, what again menses, are we supposed to see, a woman supposed to see her menses every month according to the norm, yes, not according to life. History didn’t show that, doesn’t show that. I am told by many ancient people that the women used to menstruate once every four years [Interviewer: wow] only for 10 minutes but her body was clean and my sperm wasn’t white, it was green. Now my sperm is white and you have a menses every month. You’re releasing an ovum every month, that is unnatural because you’re accelerating the body, high metabolism. No, no, so when some of them says that the menses stop there could be a good reason, that could be a good thing.

That sounds good so they’re still fertile you think?

Dr Sebi:

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