I’m A Plumber – Cheese – I Can’t Breathe

Dr Sebi:
So what do we do? There is mucus in the lungs, there is mucus in the whole system.

So what a sensible person would do?

Am I a scientist? I’m a plumber, you see I clean the shithouse, cause that’s all I do, clean the shithouse.

Clean the colon, clean the cells, clean the body; and there the body receives oxygen and reproduces itself, all the cells that have been eroded.

You cut your nails, they grow back, am I right?

You cut your hair it grows back. But the difference with the hair and the nails is they are out in oxygen all day long but the cells internally has to receive that oxygen.

So what do we do? We de-obstruct those arteries. All that milk that you’ve been drinking all these years; and the cheese that Reagan feed our grandmothers.

You know cheese…do you know what you are telling a race of people when you feed their ancestors cheese? He has no respect for us, he has no respect for us when he feeds our parents cheese. He is saying we are too dumb to realize that he is poisoning our mothers and our grandmothers. That’s what he is saying, that you are too dumb to realize that.

And she is likewise helpless to eat it.

No respect! No respect! And then you tell me I’m arrogant, when I’m seeing the state of the race. I’m arrogant?! I wish I was arrogant.

How can I be arrogant with you? You’re ‘me’ and I’m ‘you’.

If I am arrogant to you, then I’m arrogant to myself. I don’t love you, no I don’t love you, I am you, whether I love you or not!

So we talk about dis-ease, it’s fed to us everyday.

Our immune system is being compromised right now!

Because I’m inside this building I can’t breathe air that my parents was breathing in Africa on the plains standing up on the hill and the breeze blowing by. I can’t do that now. And I have to wear these clothes wrapped up all over me, because the police that called my parents savages would then take me to jail.

I can’t do what my fore-parents did. I can’t live healthy anymore because I have to wear clothes because the religions said that I am a savage, every religion said I was a savage.

Well I prefer the non-religious position because I could embrace everybody and go back to my parents.

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