Dr Sebi on Nourishment

burdock plant

Dr Sebi:
Everybody’s disease including me. Why shouldn’t we be? 500 years of being deprived of food, that tells you another story, how strongly the cells of the blackman he have been starving for 500 years. So what keeps us alive? Oxygen, that’s the only thing that has kept us alive up until this point, oxygen. Because if we take to the laboratory and have it analyzed biochemically what we have been eating, is it nourishing? The answer would be no, there is no biochemist that could attest to the test fact that chilbains and hog mouths, rice and beans and potato has any nutritional value nourishment. No my brothers and sisters, nourishment are electrical. Nourishment is electrical it isn’t starch, it isn’t oil, it isn’t dead meat. It is electrical impulses, electrical impulses, well that’s what momma had in the jungle but they didn’t notice that.

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