Dr Sebi Speaks about Milk


Dr Sebi has spoken about the dangers of milk in many of his lectures and talks on healing.

It is unfortunate that milk is touted as a super health that is needed for building strong bones and teeth. Many people believe this and continue to drink milk in their adult years and feed it to their children.

Listen to Dr Sebi speak logically about this subject:

Dr Sebi:

When we believe that the milk of a cow, an animal is sufficient to afford nutrition to a human body, then one has to question that, because I am not an animal. That’s common sense I think, animals produces milk for animal babies, human beings, women, females produces milk for human babies, but something happened to us that we elect to do just the opposite, instead of us giving our babies the milk of a female, human, we elect and choose to give our children the milk of an animal. I think that if we are to be scientific, intelligent and lowest on the strata to use our common sense, isn’t there something wrong with that? And then to compound the problem is that the animal that we selected is to afford us this milk is an animal that was made through the process of hybridization, an animal that is Godless, God did not make a cow, you see why we are titling this subject as the reconnection, how many of you sitting in the audience understood that, or knew that.

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