Dr Sebi – On Colonics

Colonics - Dr Sebi

While we’re on the topic of unnatural procedures, the colonics are becoming very explosive, they’re having a resurgence in the community colonic clinics popping up all over the place. People feeling this is the way to go in terms of cleansing um what are your feelings on the colonic procedures as well?

Dr Sebi:
People has to obey what they have been told, they have to obey because why we are educated whenever you educate a people you are saying they don’t know what it is about. I got to educate them, but the gorilla he didn’t need education, he knows what to eat we don’t know what to eat. The colonics we need to be educated, I said but colonics have never been questioned we have never questioned colonics, you’re going to take a bag and put some water in it and you’re going to put that water up my colon? The water is already contaminated, the water that you’re using to flush me out is going to take microbes into my body that was never there before you are bypassing my saliva glands in my mouth that would have began to break down all bacteria and if they didn’t die in my mouth they would surely die in the hydrochloric acid chamber in my stomach but now our intelligence who told us that this is good we decided to bypass the two safety zones and go to the anus straight into the colon. Do you know what you’re doing we are putting microbes into our body that was never there before, besides we are pushing against the ileocecal valve or the cecum all of these things is happening when you do a colonics, you’re not really cleansing. Cleansing begin in the mouth through the small intestines all through the large intestines especially the small intestines. Colonics could never get to that small intestines, it stopped at the cecum, no good, anyone that does colonic is because they need help people need help not only with colonics.

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