Dr Sebi – Why You Must Cleanse – If You Want To Heal

intestinal microvilli

Dr Sebi:
The man guaranteed me that if I stopped eating my sex would be back, well which young man at 30 doesn’t want his sex nice? Well I did, and I stopped eating. I’m not impotent anymore I’m 65, but I could go maybe once a year, but that’s okay at least I’m not impotent, only because I listened, I listened, I listened, to what truth, truth is the human body needs minerals that are alive but first you have to cleanse that garbage out because if I give you minerals that are good and energizing the microvilli are all clogged. They are all clogged with cheese and butter and biscuits. so the microvillis are all smothered so I have to remove this stuff and then the villis would extract the food. Do we understand that? Sure we do that’s not science, that’s reality, that’s God, that’s natural.

Yes ma’am that is what it is yes sir. The cleansing of the human body and the revitalizing of the human body is what takes away all disease. This is why I give everyone the same compounds. The Supreme Court didn’t like when I said that everyone that was cured from AIDS to blindness got the same compound. That’s when they jumped up and said that I was on scientific, but that was okay. I won my case isn’t it? I proved that I cured , that these, not that I cured, but that the diseases were cured.

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