Dr. Sebi – How To Fast (Shrink The Stomach, Weight Loss)

Dr Sebi

Dr Sebi is fasting a part of the cleansing system? Fasting is something that you would do gradually, over a period of time, you will learn to fast. You will adjust yourself to fast. I’m doing it now. I have used all kinds of methods. So I learned that in fasting you have to learn to fast because the stomach has to readjust. If you fast suddenly, and your stomach shrinks, the conditioning up here says I’ve got to fill this thing back up because it’s still empty.

But if you fast one day and eat another, fast one day I need another and take that for about seven days, and then next month let’s see what I’m gonna fast for two days and eat two days and then you go gradually and then you still have a chance to be shrinking on you, slowly, and once it’s shrunk, then the desire for food becomes minimal.

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