A Herb That Heals Breast Cancer

Cualote / Cablote

Breast ‘cancer’ has become an epidemic. It is estimated that one in eight American women will develop breast ‘cancer’ in their lifetime.

The World Health Organization (WHO) noted that it is the most common cancer in in both the developed and developing world. What can be done about this?

In this video Dr Sebi speak on how he used the cablote plant to heal a serious case of breast cancer.



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I want to ask Dr Sebi, my friend’s mom just got diagnosed with… ah, cancer… or tumour in her breast and the doctor wants her to do chemotherapy or surgery. I wonder if there is alternative method that you like or give out.

Dr Sebi:

The one that we have been using over the years, the natural one, the Godly one. The only one. The carbon-based one.

And recently, for your information, that I’m so satisfied with myself.

Now a woman went down to Honduras, and ah at the healing village and her breast was completely rottening off and ahh we begin to put a poultice, we making a special poultice with the CABLOTE plant. A very powerful plant called the cablote, the one that the Maya used to use.

We put this poultice on this woman’s breast that was already rotten off, in two months guess what we saw, a brand new breast growing back with a nipple on it, would you believe that, well you should. Glands grows back. All glands grows back.

Ah Phillip’s mother, which is Annette. Annette introduced me to

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