Dr Sebi Speaks On Melanin

Dr Sebi


ahh, what is melanin and what is **? Tell us more about those two minerals.

Dr Sebi:

Melanin is not a mineral, melanin is a word that was used to describe a certain biological function, but that particular identification or category, or thing is a European identification of what they think activate those neurons in our body that makes us black.

Well, when you break down our body, our biological structure into what we would have to put it in, which is chemistry, biochemistry, melanin has no place, it’s not to be found. What is found in the body that is attributed to melanin is carbon. Carbon not only determines the quality of life in black folks. Carbon determines the quality of life in every living plant that exists that is natural.

If carbon is absent, there is no life, melanin, what is it, I don’t know.

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