Dr Sebi

Dr Sebi:

Now we come to the clothes. I was invited to Venezuela to see a young sister she’s 18 years of age and one thing she hated and she could not stand was clothes on. So she lived without no clothes, but it was embarrassing to her rich father. He sent her to England, sent her to France, Germany, the United States to find out what cure was there for this young lady, so they heard about the infamous Dr. Sebi because my name was all over the Caribbean as be some, other than but he took her risk and said come on to Venezuela, and I went to Venezuela, *** Santa Cruz.

He said to me there is your patient, she has no clothes on, I said that’s fine. I go in the room with her and she said are you embarrass because I’m naked. I said oh no you’re not naked, you’re naturally, so just behave ourself now, lets start off right. You’re not naked, naked is a Caucasian identification, like they call us Negros and blacks. I am not a black man, I’m not an African. I’m a son of that land not the white man called Africa, just like you, me, we are from the same gene pool. We’re not going get angry because the information like I said shakes foundations.

Okay. She said, come I show you something, and she saw me all of this artwork that she did while she was naked. She takes the sand, and work on the and make the sand so pretty. I said what happened, no she said to me, so are you gonna be my psychiatrist. I said no, I have two questions and depending on the answer the first one will determine whether or not I ask the second.

You see I am very fast, I’m a Sagittarius they say, that’s why I don’t read books because it takes too long, too many pages and then get nothing in the end. Because all my friends who have PHDs… they all are sick and dying so I don’t know why they read those books. So anyway, she said, she said, when I put clothes on back on, like I’m, like I’m suffocating and I tell my father but he don’t believe me. He thinks I’m vulgar but I feel like I’m suffocating, well so what’s happening, the African when he lived in Africa without no clothes, his skin and his spores was digesting the oxygen to feed his body. But that was wrong for the African to do, but this girl now showing it and all of us that wear clothes, we are full of anxiety and nervousness and a whole bunch of stuff, but we have to wear the clothes because the Caucasians says if you don’t wear it you go to jail and its savage, so I said, so you get frustrated, you get angry, you get sweats.

I said, I don’t have to ask the second question, she said why? I said because you have confirmed what I’ve been entertaining all my life, but you see the things I entertain I cannot share with my brothers and my sisters and my friends. I said because they’re too controversial, yet consistent, but controversial. I said what you’re lacking of is oxygen, and the oxygen of the black race does not go through this nose hole, it goes thought his body pores. You will never see a naked man crazy. I have done it so many times, when people have delirium tremens or clearly insanity, I say take your clothes off, take the clothes off and I give him the compound, he calms right down, because his body would be receiving more oxygen.

Well I’m covered, all you see is my hand from here to here and from here to here. My cells are dying under there. Do you know what happen when cells are deprived of oxygen, no, you don’t know. You don’t know. They talk about AIDS being the result of a germ, a virus or a bacteria, no no, no, no, no they never been a virus or bacteria not in existence, nature never made those things. That would be counterproductive.

So for every virus, a new medicine, what purpose that serves. If you take a man and lay him down on a bed and don’t strip for one month, then raise him up and behind his back you have a bed sore that big, with mitosis eating him out. Well the clothes are going to make you have a sore immediately because you have some circulation, some place, but your skin is going to begin to deteriorate and they call it wrinkles.

Deprivation of oxygen cause cell erosion. Cell erosion is uncontrolled mitosis but…

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