Dr Sebi – God Ain’t Saying That

Dr Sebi

Dr. Sebi:
She said son, you know how old I am? I said ‘yes’, you’re 94.
She said well I didn’t get the 94 being stupid. [Laugh] She said I didn’t get to 94 by being stupid.

I said why ma’am? All the book says that garlic is a food, and so is the celery and so is there carrots you mix them together. She said Son those things are made. I say what ma’am, made by who? It come on the ground ma’am. God made everything that come on the ground. No son. She said, no that’s why you’re crazy don’t do that right now don’t say that. I said but ma’am all the book says it said that’s what the book said. That’s what Miss Holloman is telling me. That’s what the book says, God isn’t saying that and that’s true. She said what you do, don’t tell anyone that you healer. Stop! Just stop! Stop doing what you’re doing because you don’t want anyone in the future to do this. You told me something wrong don’t do it. Well, I was working as a steam engineer, I was doing this on the side, so I, she told me to go to university of uh Arizona.

uh Department of Agriculture, industrial agriculture, plant husbandry. I went to UCLA. I went to Minnesota I asked for books that was related to the subject of Agriculture and guess what I found…

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