Dr. Sebi – 2 High Alkaline Plants

Caladium bicolor

Dr. Sebi:

So we constructed by creating these compounds such as the Maya, as known today. We have the Lymphalin and we have the Nervino and many other products.

But these were, they were constructed or the compounds were made of herbs that came from the tropics that are very high in alkali. Alkalinity.

We find such herbs as the Cocolmeca, we find herbs, the Corazon de Jesus*, which is very very high in food.

So right there we are not following the same premise as other herbalists, why? Because they uses Comfrey, they uses Peppermint, they use Foxgloves and all these are hybrid herbs which are incomplete molecular structure.

Caladium bicolor
Caladium bicolor

*Corazón de Jesús, also known as Paleta de Pintor, Caladio and Heart of Jesus . The scientific name is Caladium bicolor (synonym: Caladium hortulanum )

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