Dr Sebi – Herb With Oxygen (Trompetilla)

Oxygen in water

Dr Sebi:

There’s a man selling herbs but he’s bare feet like I am, bare feet but he’s drizzling this is in a place named Cuautla well I’m looking at this man selling his herbs but I don’t know what these herbs are because I don’t know. I don’t know every herb in the world there are trillions of them. I said, sir what herb is that he said that Tila Trompetilla.

And what’s that for? He said that is for crazy people like you. I said well why am I crazy? He said because your license plate said California and this is Cuautla, Morelos. Where are you going? I see I’m going to Honduras. That’s not the question I’m asking you. Where are you going in life because I’m a Mexican and I don’t even know Mexico City and you left Mexico City yesterday, I said yes I did. He said you see that’s why I said you’re crazy. I said well he said that’s right you’ve got to obey nature, I said yes I have to, so he said, I asked him, how do you know that this herb is good for crazy people. He said because it has a lot of oxygen. I said but how do you know it have a lot of oxygen? He said I’ll show you. He took a glass of water, he took a handful of the herbs and he put it in the water and in two seconds bluh bluh bluh bluh bluh bluh bluh bluh bluh.

Oxygen. Wait, the herb is good for crazy people because it gives you oxygen to the brain.

Trompetilla (Bouvardia ternifolia)
Trompetilla (Bouvardia ternifolia)

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