Dr Sebi – A Bit About His Life & The pH Factor Affect Healing


Dr Sebi:
Quick. I was born in Spanish Honduras in the year of 1933.

I was born in a small village named Ilanga. The boy grew up never going to school whether kindergarten, high school, grade school or whatever became a merchant seaman but by the time he became a merchant seaman he was very deadly ill he had diabetes, he had asthma from birth he was impotent at 28 and at 30 he had diabetes, asthma, obesity and insanity and with the help of Mexican people I was cured. I decided to enter the field of natural medicine.

Can I, can I interrupt you for a quick second?

Dr Sebi:
Of course.

I’m sorry um when you when you started off you were referring to yourself in the third person and you switched to the first person do you see who you were earlier in your life as sort of a a different person as though you sort of become yourself in the second half?

Dr Sebi:
I was always a different person. I disagree with everything I disagree with everything everything I heard I disagreed with right and I was 14 years of age when I said i was going to work I was working since I was 11 because my grandmother raised me and I was, she was my responsibility to take care of, paying the rent, buying her clothes, buying food.

So, but I had I was tall and I was very I suppose sensible so I just grew up and at 14 I made a statement that I was going to do something to help humanity but when I made that statement I also knew that I was going to come up against the established or prevailing philosophy of life that I knew at 14 years of age but I didn’t know that one day that I would become the person that I’m known for today, as being the healer. I didn’t know that but even when I be before I became the healer you know I didn’t have a girlfriend until I was 21 because I disagreed with what I saw and even now my interrelationship with woman I don’t believe that there is a woman that could rightfully say that they love me because of the way that I live and the way that I see things and I’m not really upset or bothered by that but I live different. I see different I feel different and I don’t like to share that with most people because it is so far away you know you don’t want to disturb anyone but when I, even the healing that I bring to the world look at that, when I, my first patient, my very first patient I was a steam engineer working for the county of Los Angeles and this blind man had heard that I was experimenting with these plants and his neighbors said well why don’t you take it and he took the plants and in two days he was seeing and he was blind for 11 years that shook me because I couldn’t explain to the world the mechanics behind this blind man seeing.

What what were your thoughts when you formulated the uh…

Dr Sebi:
…the compound right, the way that the compounds came into existence, being a steam engineer I knew that the pH value the pH factor had a lot to do with healing and the herbalists then like the herbalists today are unaware that the pH factor has a lot to do with it.`

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