How Dr Sebi Used PH To Learn About Herbs


Dr Sebi:
I was interested in these herbs, and I began to compound them while I’m working and I began to learn about deserves and what I learned was this and today as I’m speaking to you, do you know that what I’m about to say is still practice. You know what I’m trying out tell me if I’m not telling the truth, that people use Aloe Vera for healing, am I right?

And they use Comfrey, and they use Peppermint and they use Goldenseal, and they use Ginseng.

Do you know that these plants are made in laboratories?

And I didn’t know that. How am I to find that out, a freak nature, because as an engineer I am required to test the waters and the boilers every hour, so the pH, the pH of the water has to be 6.9 slightly on the acid side. Because if the water is 7 or 7.1, that’s life, that’s alkalinity. Oh yeah, we’re going to get to that too. So while working as an engineer, I could tell what is acid, just put acid in the left, and put alkali on the right, because it boils down to that. It boils down to acidity, alkalinity.

Alkalinity is what god made, what nature made, alkalinity is electrical, it’s alive. All the plants that are alkali are alive.

Like what you talking about Dr Sebi well a burger plant you could take it on the ground and it’s alive, even when they go back and it rots, not so for Aloe Vera, it’s dead and it’s acid. I learned that because I had the privilege to take the pH value of the substance.

So I began to select from the forest, the herbs that have a pH more than seven less than seven is acid.

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