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Welcome! Welcome to another chronicle in healing, another chapter here we have in front of us, the Usha Research Institute. The Usha Research Institute is located on the north coast of Honduras which is a country in central America. We chose this area because we have thermal waters here, waters that are highly curative. We have also the enjoyment of that backdrop that you see there which are the mountains that ranges from Guatemala all the way to Nicaragua it is called the group of mountains is called in the name of god in hombre so we chose this area to bring you this new chapter this new chapter as we chose to call it and it is because it seems as if though many of the things that uh will be discussed and talk about and explain to you uh are things that we were not prepared we were not prepared for because the school did not prepare us to understand that which is natural from that which is unnatural but don’t feel that you are ignorant or less than, what happened is that the schools did not prepare us but that does not mean that we are not capable of digesting a piece of information once that information is presented in the proper way so therefore we gonna begin to journey into this healing thing this healing journey that has been approached by so many different ways and by so many people since time immemorial. Today we’re going to try to decipher the undecipherable for you that we could journey on a better footing understanding. What is health? What is healing and how does the human body interrelate with these things we call plants, we want to understand because it seems though much of what has been said to us and shown to us has not been exactly right they have not helped in the areas that we would like to be helped, so we’re going to take our time and we’re going to walk through this thing, of course you’re going to see things that you have not seen before because as I look at the menu of the American herbal position many of the herbs that um that we use here in Usha are not mentioned in any of those books and many of the herbs that are mentioned in those books are hybrid, meaning that they are artificial and this is the reason why we fall short of the goal, the goal is receding faster than we could run, so please let us take our time and walk into this thing we’re going to talk about the things that we need to hear and we’re going to explain the things that were not explained so just take our time.

So as we carefully enter this most tedious journey, not a difficult one, just tedious but we all are capable of understanding the contents of this particular program or position sure we are, we have a brain we could think well.

Only we the individual or you the individual could determine really what is what it is that you feel, what it is you see no one see from behind those eyes but you so we know that this subject fits within this cosmic order and that we being a product of cosmogony or life itself sure we’ll be able to understand the things about life when they are presented so let us go first into the history of medicine according to the history of medicine it began in Egypt with Imhotep 1 then it came down to Mr Hippocrates and it filtered down to Mr Claudio Galen so with Hippocrates in the year of 365 BC to 1729 Claudio Galeno the Italian.

These three men, Imhotep, Hippocrates and Claudio Galeno had something in common they all use the same substance they all followed the same platform they took the same position because during that period of time the time in history naturally they were not in existence at that time the chemicals that we are presented with today, they were only plants but the history shows that they cured every disease known to man. So if this is true then what happened between that time and now that things seem to be so difficult instead of us being useful in eliminating those that are present new ones are cropping up every day, telling us that again the goal line is receding faster than we could run.

Could we afford to continue on the path of the past?

Why should we take a chance when the past has not served us well. Are we aware of the percentage of elasticity that the body could really admit or even afford stretching, how far could we stretch the human body, by stretching we mean stressing the human body to cause it to be in the state of disease no we don’t know that we don’t know how much we have damaged ourselves because we have not been educated as to what we should have been doing what you what we should be eating we have not been educated in that area so therefore it becomes very difficult now but even though difficult as I said everything seemed to be easy in deciphering and analyzing once we put into motion that part of us that the philosophers tried to deny the part they called common sense. Common sense tells us that if Hippocrates, Imhotep and Claudio Galeno not necessarily not order but the three men use herbs and that they were successful in reversing disease what happened now not only have we failed as far as being effective in helping others to relieve themselves of disease we have compounded and added to it using the herbs that we are using.

What do I mean it seems to be a contradiction because if Mr Imhotep 1, Claudio Galeno and Hippocrates use herbs and herbalists today are using herbs why aren’t they as successful as claudio galeno and the rest that is the common sense part of it.

We should why aren’t we well, we were removed from the rhythm of life we were removed from the path that helps us understand those things that are natural from those things that are unnatural, because if those three doctors use these herbs 2000 years ago and was successful we in modern times should be even more successful than they were because we always attribute time and development, science to knowledge but the fact of the matter is we are falling short we are falling short because the herbs that imhotep hippocrates angeleno used are not the herbs that are being considered today as far as healing is concerned

what is the difference there is a big difference

remember what we said on the onset that we were not prepared for the journey of healing as we thought we were we were not prepared because today

we find that the herbalists are using comfrey are using chamomile they are using golden seal

peppermint aloe vera and many many many many more that are all hybrids they’re all are artificial that is the difference

how could i sibby expect for my brothers and my sisters who practice the art of healing using herbs where the molecular structure is incomplete because they are artificial to understand that when the very school that was attended support that position oh it becomes difficult because now our brothers and sisters not only in africa the united states the caribbean also in central america by using hybrid plants

what happened to the uses of the natural herbs something must have gone wrong something must have taken place to divert us away from this path

well something did happen

the healer was educated the healer cannot be educated but from one source mother nature pachamama

i shall call in certain certain levels and certain cultures pachamama could only be responsible for educating us in the art of healing no other entity or philosophy because all the philosophies have failed like for instance the philosophy of using comfrey to straighten your bones only adds starch and acid to our system and compound that particular problem the other is that i could drink wheatgrass juice

carrot juice beets juice i received from that nutrition that is impossible why because they’re all artificial

wheat grass juice contain sugar and starch two of the greatest enemies of the human body but our brothers and our sisters in new york definitely recommend wheatgrass juice with pride you mean this is chlorophyll i agree with the position of chlorophyll chlorophyll is one of the most effective and quickest way to heal the human body but the chlorophyll would have to come from a natural base and wheat is not a natural product of life so therefore the end product of wheat would necessarily be an acid one and that is the subject acidity versus alkalinity acidity has but one purpose acidity enters the human body to destroy cells to cause cell erosion alkalinity on the contrary alkalinity comes to support life and to maintain electricity so a hybrid plant opposed to a natural plant and we would use two we would use the kala walla which comes from this part of the world

it’s a natural plant it’s a spore plant the molecular structure is complete deeming it electrical not so for comfrey gold and sealant the rest they are hybrid meaning that they were made in a laboratory being made in a laboratory

naturally it has to fall short because to titorate two things in a laboratory you need a chemical in other words if you have to bring two plants together that ordinary would not have joined each other’s true chemical affinity forced together is what makes things hybrid

you have to use a chemical to bind them

if man could make an artificial plant to equal in production to equal in value as that which is natural then man says that he is god impossible the human body is the natural one the cells are electrical the human body shows the ability to move to produce motion and there is nothing on the planet that produces motion that is non-electrical there must be necessarily the presence of electricity a hybrid plant is non-electrical why because a man made it if man could make an electric plant then he’s saying he’s god he could make something to complement the human body that is impossible we don’t even want to go there so we sinner

that the reason why

we have failed to compliment simply because we were not prepared for the journey as for myself

i didn’t prepare myself for the journey i was prepared and why do i say that because i had listened and read many many many books from ivan kirkhoff the russian alma hutchins the canadian to mr christopher the american jetro class the american and many many geronimo rodriguez from brazil he wrote a book las plantes quran plant cure i have read many books spanish and english

and out of those books

healing is absent

so now it was necessary for the usher research institute to take the position of common sense

that if hippocrates cured galen cured then we should kill in our research we found that there it were brothers and sisters were not aware

that natural plants are electrical they do not live through the process of photosynthesis theirs is photovoltaic which deems it electrical why should it be electrical it should be electrical if the human body is electrical then the nourishment should also be electrical

but we find today that

our educators our religious leaders our leaders and followers indulges in the consumption of acid substance then seeking this thing we call peace no peace could only be attained when one is married to the cosmic procession and you show that you have divorced yourself from it when you drink carrot juice when you eat carrot cake when you eat beans all of the beans that are made were made in england by menlo he was a jesuit priest and about the carrot well nova showed us that they were made in holland

and they were made by joining

the queen anne lace which is known the yarrow and the wild yam to make the carob here we find our leaders and healers recommending to us that we eat carrot cake and drink carrot juice eat bean pies could you imagine sure we could imagine remember what we said we have been divorced from that which is natural and placed in that which is unnatural that makes it extremely difficult so as the ocean research institute presents its position we are well aware that the limitation that exists among our people is so vast that we have to be careful in selecting

speeches of various kinds presentations of on the other hand of all kinds of presentations we have to show examples examples that i find to be unnecessary probably for me because i suppose that i was given the privilege to at least listen

if i had not listened

i would not be able to offer that which we offer i had to listen and in listening i am talking about not only an individual mouth but mother nature

mother nature talks the loudest i had to listen

and in listening we saw all of the above so the usher research decided to put compounds together that would definitely hit the cold of this thing we call disease we just didn’t want to make products that we read in other books and give that to you making recommendation using peppermint i we know at the usher research that when someone uses peppermint

it is only because this they have not done the research themselves they are relying on the research of others that is the danger we’re going to give only one example and then we’re going to go into this thing that the usher research has to offer in the year of 1983 while in washington dc at 2010 kendall street northeast there was a beautiful organization known as the warehouse with beautiful people all striving to reach that level of attainment the level most high in reference to healing and nutrition we want to be happy and they were generally happy and i was involved in them later on they were there long before i got there they were the people that invited me to come to the united states to begin lecturing and talking

mr adisa aqui adiokumba hakika and many others who represented the warehouse the community warehouse in that community warehouse there were things that i learned that they were totally unaware but they were beautiful i could not share them because what i saw was different from what they were seeing and what happened one day

a gentleman came with a very bad heart problem so i needed to buy bugle weed to address this problem

i said i decided to buy the bugle weed

when i decide returned

arisa opened his bag and i looked at it and i said i i decided where is the bugawin

he said it’s a bugle weed i said no it’s not so i took a piece of it i said this is a blue vervain and i tasted it you know

to tell the difference if you learn about herbs via a book you’re in trouble you’re vulnerable because you don’t know if the research done by those who wrote the book that you read was correct how would you know you don’t know so here it was this lady said that this was bugleweed

i decided take me back to the herb store this is at sin john herb store

in maryland in silver spring i go back to the herb store and i said pardon me but i think that there were a little mistake made that could be rectified and what is it i said uh i wanted bugleweed and they sent me this but this is bugawi my boss been selling herb for 25 years and she knows herbs and she put this herb in this bag i said man it doesn’t matter if your boss sold herbs for a hundred and twenty-five years this is not beautiful

please do me a favor go inside and see if there’s another bag set by it that says blue vervain she goes inside she said yes i say what happened they mislabeled the bag and because we are unaware of what herbs really taste like look like and should be like because we go to a book we don’t know what a nerve look like or should look like we don’t so lady please give me the one that says do the vein i taste it and it was bitter and the ladies say one is bitter and one is sweet i said yes the bugle weed is bitter

she gave it to me she realized that armchair research doesn’t help to well armchair research help but very few people fail research is necessary in reference to healing it is absolutely necessary that all of the herbalists in america take to the fields just like i was led to it

and they will see how easy it is to cure aids diabetes lupus herpes cancer impotence and others they will see that but as for the moment no it is virtually impossible for them to see that because they are operating on the platform of others without having the privilege or another entity to investigate the the one that they have accepted

so at the usher research first we want to know what was disease what is disease because it seemed to be misinterpreted everyone is talking about departmentalizing or individualizing disease when you have diabetes is different from having leukemia when you have sickle cell anemia most sin is not like leukemia they are different when they are not they never been different they’re coming from the same source the mucous membrane of our biological structure has been compromised meaning that the mucous membrane has been broken and wherever that broke has taken place that break has taken place determine the disease that you would manifest like for instance like we always say if the mucous membrane has been compromised in the nasal passage it is what sinusitis in the bronchial tubes bronchitis on the lungs pneumonia in the pancreas diabetes on the brain schizophrenia paranoia or parkinson’s disease insomnia depending where the mucus is located so we took the position we maintain that position

that there is only one disease manifesting in a thousand different ways the compromising of the mucous membrane so that led ma’a and i to think about not only addressing to one part of the body but to address the total body because the body is all interconnected and interrelated we can’t treat one side without the other so we say just go for it an cellular cleansing


cleaning every cell that makes up every organ and system that totals the biological you meaning cleaning all of you not only your colon

like many have decided to do to concentrate on the colon no we concentrate on the whole human body

cleansing the human body is only about one part of the whole journey the other is

bringing back the energy that was lost by the presence of disease

that energy is supported by minerals

live minerals

phosphate of iron phosphate of calcium and phosphate of everything that we’re gonna use would have to be phosphate why because they and they alone are electrical so as we recommend the intra cellular cleansing we know that the person in question patient or client

has suffered the loss of energy by the presence of such disease so apart from part one which is the cleansing now we have to revitalize the system because it has been weakened we can select comfrey and goldenseal aloe vera peppermint and genesia no we have to go to kalawala we have to go to contribute we have to go to cordoncio negro and we have to go to the one that i favor most of all the pavana now we are talking about electric herbs for an electric body after we selected these plants these electrical plants we made these compounds

in administering these plants these compounds we see that immediately in less than 24 hours our patient is saying i am already feeling the effect of discomfort these medicines or this food

why because they are electrical

so there is an intra cellular cleansing and the revitalizing of the same

so for those of us to be electrified

we have made

and put together the maya electra the maya elektra is guarantees that upon taking the first tablespoon and the first day you will felt the response because you will feel the presence and enjoy the response of the presence of iron phosphate why we talk about iron because iron is by far the most important of the mineral king in the middle kingdom that mineral is by far the most important why because it is electrical like the rest but it has magnet it’s the only magnetic one in the whole ramification of life iron why iron is so important because upon taking iron

we take all of the minerals proportionally balanced so the maya electro was put together using 14 of the highest contents of iron in the bowels of mother nature

ensuring that you would be electrified

the other we made

is the bolo the focus

the cc4 these are for therapy these addresses when there is a condition that is of a great need a pathology presenting itself we re we recommend that you take the bolo

the focus the cc4 and others that makes up this intracellular package the maya electra is not to address any particular disease although many has claimed that it removed tumors it stopped this a cell it raised the energy melee which it was intended to do it raises the level of energy instantaneously the maya electra but because it is iron an iron has a tendency to fight inflammation it is by far the most effective agent in combating inflammation and that is the seed of the seeds but we made it to address only energy not to cure any disease

we also put together the evasive which goes immediately into the pores and revitalize the cells of the pores and begin to remove that particular erosion we also put together the t1 the t1

which is the one that is selling more than anything else as far as our product is concerned the t1 addresses the prostate gland because it is laden with zinc organic zinc phosphate of zinc not zinc oxide be very careful when entering a herb store or a health store read the label because as we find in the allopathic chemicals that are

very damaging to the system we find that in the herb stores others may not be as damaging but they will clog the system with chalk when you ingest oxide of zinc this is exactly what you’re doing but when you ingest phosphate of zinc you’re not you’re dealing you’re now ingesting something that has pre-digested for you by the plants they are phosphate

the t1 addresses the prostate gland cleansing and ensuring that one would regain that sexual level that one thinks that’s so necessary as for the female we find h1 which is a nutrition that really feeds the reproductive organ and stabilizes the nervous system addresses this hot and cold flashes so we have last but not least the power pack the power pack goes a little further than the maya the power pack seem to get to areas that the maya

doesn’t the power pack as it is described tells you that you will be packed with power and that also is composed not only of the 14 earth but we have 23 herbs in the power pack

because it has elements in it that is different from the maya the maya electra we have had we added

herbs so to the cemecoto we also add the cordoncio nero like from here from honduras and these herbs have a tendency to go straight to the brain electrifying the system adding to it the my electro being ironed to concentrate in the blood but the other one

the power pack addresses not only the blood but the brain the electrical system of the body so we have compounds that are for therapy and compounds to maintain energy using that platform that we mentioned the understanding that if the substance is non-electrical why should i take it why should i permit such a thing to enter my system because it would not assimilate assimilate yes assimilate assimilation is necessary assimilation only means that your body have accepted it and the body like the earth only accept those things that are electrical and natural yes ladies and gentlemen brothers and sisters the earth if you drop a piece of paper that came from a tree it would biodegrade but if you drop a piece of plastic on the surface of mother nature no she rejects it because it did not come from her laboratory it came from someone else’s so you see we have examples all around us so just keep in mind that the human body to begin with is electrical and that it needs an electric substance to electrify it that’s common sense you cannot electrify an electric body with dead substance

now that doesn’t equate

hararusha the 24 years that we have put into this thing both ma’a and i

not only did it help us in reversing aids diabetes blindness under rest but it helped us to understand the emotional part of this healing the mental part as many accept for it to be mental

naturally when acid enters the human body it disrupts not only one system it disrupts all systems so as we have this answer or as we present this answer we are totally unaware that the condition that precipitated the presence of the ulcer has now damaged the brain but unaware of that

we find that many problem arises that has not been adequately treated

so we are proud to present to you

and the rest of the world from honduras the african biomineral balance


to electrify the system we learn from our ancestors we learn from our mothers and fathers from the continent that when it drips in the house you don’t put a bucket to catch the drip to close the hole in the roof

and it is the dripping in the house that was treated but it kept on dripping but if you close the hole in the roof then you have stopped the drip and pacing of the bucket

so in understanding what is the african biomineral balance it is closing the hole in the roof cleansing away the toxin that has accumulated over the period of years

cleansing it out at the same time the bowel mineral balance offers electric food today we’re going to take our time and show you three items that is these three items that we will present to you today that plays a very important role in our method of healing and the prophet is used one is the thermal waters that we have to offer which are

very curative because it contained a high concentration of phosphorus sulfur iron oblivion gold and every other mineral that you could possibly think of in mother nature all is in that water making it highly curative the other

is the blue vein the blue vein has always been one of my favorite plants in addressing prostatitis and the central nervous system we will show you the other one the sauco the salco and the berries that we make some of our compounds out of so we’re gonna go and take a little walk to show the thermal waters

these are the thermal waters these waters come out of the ground at the temperature of 210 degrees fahrenheit sometime above boiling point sometimes it’ll be low which you know 212 at the boiling point but this water has known to cure instantly nerve condition nerve problem we have car pulses sarcoma in the case of aids people come here with these vicious souls as they are called composite sarcoma and in four days those shows disappeared this is crystal clear make no mistake that in the united states there are parts that has they are head centers that offers what they call hot springs now we don’t offer any hot springs here hot springs only means that water is flowing over a hot bed but it does not contain the minerals that you find in a thermal spring that is the result of volcanic activity when here in central america we have over 50 volcanoes and we sit in the middle of them so naturally we’re going to receive the benefit of such presence of the volcanoes so here we have the result the thermal waters that the usher research institute has to offer

hair is a plant in front of us that is known in central america by the spanish-speaking indians they call them salko salco is a plant that in the berries we find that the mineral of iron is found iron phosphate is found in these berries and these berries are responsible for us reversing a lot of diseases that sits in the blood it contain iron phosphate this plant

the samko when it sends its roots into the ground it converts that oxide mineral into a liquid digestible substance known the process is known as iron tropherosis or the conversion from a solid to a liquid and here mother nature has converted iron which is solid into a berry for you to enjoy and over here we find now that the flower

unlike the berries that contain iron phosphate the flower now is a different chemistry here we have potassium phosphate when the children here in central america has fever rest assured that the mother would come here and asked me to give them some of the flour of the sauce to remove the fever because it means that inflammation is sitting someplace in the body and this is extremely effective because of its high content of iron and potassium phosphate the sauco

yes here we have out of the bowels of mother nature another gift for us one of the most beautifulest plant in the world i mean it has these beautiful flowers purple flowers and green leaves if i was an artist i would have never integrated both but look at what mother nature is doing this plant is responsible for many many many things first just go to the central nerve system and the prostate gland this plant is effective not only in the prostate gland of men but in the reproductive organs of women this plant to me is one of the most viable plants but it has a little secret if there is such a thing which i don’t like to use the word but it’s something that should be known that the blue vein as it is called and rightfully so the blue vein the blue vein is a plant that you have to be careful in processing fresh every day the roots could last a long time about six months and this is one of the things that we find in the united states that because our brothers and sisters do not get the fresh herbs it that it prevents them from reaching that goal that they are seeking and i really really do believe that our brothers and sisters in the united states are really trying to do their best and trying to see how they could help because it is impossible for me to think that a black man that belongs to the black race a member of the black race then would deliberately take upon himself the position to destroy us by recommending things that does not work no that is not their position we know that we know they mean well but because they do not have the privilege of using plants like this one fresh so it will become effective so this plant contain again iron magnesium phosphorus but one of the things that i like a bit of it it contains zinc and also potassium phosphate so it appears to the central nervous system because of the potassium phosphate which fights inflammation and treats the nervous system and iron fluorine which again addresses the blood the blue vein this is among many of the plants that we use in various compounds but this is one that i like very very much because it makes me feel so good and it’s so pretty this is the blueprint vein yes brothers and sisters this is the position of usha and these are some of the plants that the usher research institute gladly present to you and this is why we have been useful as we are in reversing disease because mother nature has offered us plants that are electrical

yes we are proud to present this part of our operation designed by Dr Sebi with the help with ms chandra washington this was designed approximately 12 years ago chandra and i sit in washington dc and thought about this and here it is and it gives me pride to say that the sister was the one that really did the better part of it not only in designing it but then to maintain it and to make it what it is another sister by the name of ma’a assisted by judy assisted by betsy elizabeth volant and assisted by annette thomas and many many others marjorie all of them contributed to the presence of this particular place because they all work at usha uh to make it uh an institute that could express itself on a level that uh the public would appreciate so we are proud to show this part of our operation the little village of pusha designed on an african base

here the beautiful mountain top again appears at the ocean research which is part of the of the mountain range known as the nombre de dios and in the back and here in front of us we see now these little beautiful round buildings which are the thermal baths these bats is where you go and take your bed every day individually in your tub and it was designed like an african little village you know which is which is part of our little scheme of thinking you know the black man he always prefer round and square and we have six beautiful little bathtubs that definitely have done for you and for others that which one expect

these are the interior while the interior of the thermal batch if you notice if they are made on a half moon structure you know we split the circle in half and you get a half moon and uh it is halfway people come and experience relaxation instantaneously stress leaves once you enter this water because the presence of the minerals plus the ph being a ph of 8.8 which is more of the highest obtainable ph on the hydrogen ion concentration scale ph means hydrogen ions concentration meaning that your body would be energized emitted with oxygen and hydrogen ionizing it giving you energy and relaxing at the same time

did this one here

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