Dr. Sebi – Natural Life Arrangement

Nature as a healer

Dr Sebi:
So now we find ourselves we find ourselves trying to make a decision in our lives or making decisions in our lives that would bring others bring about a degree of peace because that’s all we’re looking for, it’s peace, just contentment, to be tranquil. Yeah, I could smile, I could listen to the birds, I could enjoy the butterflies of course, why not, but for us to really understand the mechanics behind that we have to begin with life itself. What about life?

There’s an arrangement, there is an arrangement that is right on time every year. Spring is never late, summer is never late, winter nor autumn. They come right on time and those plants that we see that blooms every year they come at the same time every year. What happened, is there a computer in each of those plants that’s going to connect them with the time with which they are suppose bloom? No, that is a cosmic arrangement, like that plant, like that bird that flies from the north to the south when winter arrives or when autumn arrives, he doesn’t read any calendar, “oh it is October or November the 27th, we got to start packing”.

He picks it up in his feathers, and they all get the same message, and they are gone south, so now as we begin to talk about the thing that we talk about, they should always be connected to the foundation of life. Why? Because it is electrical, it’s electrical, it’s compatible with us.

This is about the ABCs of healing.

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