Dr Sebi – “I Am Here With Something You Forgot”

Dr Sebi

Dr Sebi:

I am you standing here so what is wrong? I am you, the part of you that you didn’t know.

Yes you know. I am not here with something that you are unaware of or didn’t know. I am here with something that you forgot, so as a black man we will introduce to the world a black perspective to pathology and nutrition.

We have had the Ayurvedic which is Indian, it failed. We have had the Allopathic, which is European, it failed. We have the Macrobiotic where they recommend us to eat rice, rice is starch isn’t it? Yes starch is carbonic acid, it failed. So let us now introduce one that will compliment us, the black man. The position of the black man was always one of healing, when the black man was found in Africa did he have prostitution? Did he have alcohol? No. Did he have religions? No. He did not. Nature did not start with religion, nature only create those things that are necessary, that supports life, religion does not support life. Life support life.

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