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Dr Sebi:

One of the thing that we found in the treatment of AIDS, is this, two things we have to do simultaneously one of them is to remove the cause of the presence of the mucus, which there is something in the intestines that need to be removed. Simultaneously, we have to nourish the body back to health which requires two substance, it’s a compound of calcium and the other is iron.

But when we talk about iron, we have to be very careful because they are two forms of iron one that is ferrous sulphate, that iron would cause you to bind and prevent you from using the toilet. But the other iron is a vegetable iron one that is obtained from plants, such as the Sarsasparilla, the Burdock, the Yellowdock, such as the one that we got from from Honduras, the Guaco, the Contribo, the Hombre Grande. All these herbs are heavily laden with iron. Upon giving this to the patient you will see that the condition will be changing in meats one patient you will see that the condition will be changing immediately.

One patient was reversed in 17 days.

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