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Hombre grande
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Dr Sebi – The Duck, Guaco, Contribo, Hombre Grande, Iron

Interviewer: Why make the herbs them bitter? I hear them bitter herbs carry a lot of oxygen. Dr Sebi: Bitter herbs is one of the…

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sarsaparilla roots
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Dr Sebi – 4 HERBS + Phosphates, Carbonates, Iodides & Bromides – Heath Talk

Transcript will be available soon. Herbs mentioned: sarsaparilla, guaco,contribo and cordoncillo negro.

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hiv / aids - Dr Sebi
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Dr Sebi – How To Cure AIDS

Dr Sebi: One of the thing that we found in the treatment of AIDS, is this, two things we have to do simultaneously one of…

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Dr Sebi
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Dr Sebi – These Are Powerful Herbs

Dr Sebi: Not worst than any body else, just different. So I learned that yes, God works all the time. Why? Cause everything God made…

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Contribo flowers
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2 Stages of Healing and 4 Herbs That Revitalize the Body – Dr Sebi

In this video Dr Sebi mentions that there are two stages to the healing journey or rather two parts: Part 1: Involves cleansing the system….

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Dr Sebi’s Viento

Dr Sebi’s Viento is a powerful product and one you should consider if you are seeking to cleanse and revitalise the body. It addresses the…

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