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Dr Sebi:

good evening welcome to the usha research institute today we’re going to take time out to clarify much of the misconceptions and misunderstanding about healing and

nutrition uh institute has selected dr sebi your brother and servant to come and deliver this message because they seem to be a little bit of problem with many of us that are looking for health and nutrition

we have visited many philosophies we have visited the ayurvedic the yin yang the microbiotic

the allopathic and the homeopathic it seems as though we are running around in circles so we took time out

to clarify that which has been

made difficult to understand or complex

today our talk our lecture and this particular segment is called the reconnection

reconnection to what the reconnection to life it has now been 400 years

since society has been introducing a particular method of healing that have yet to complement us in a way that we would like for it to afford us

but as we all know

that everything begins and ends with god the creator

so one could easily

see or understand that if god is the creator of the universe then it behooves us to understand those things that are made by god

that seem to be some difficulty for many because when we believe

that the milk of a cow an animal

is sufficient to afford nutrition to a human body then one has to question that because i am not an animal that’s common sense i think animals produces milk for animal babies human beings women females produces milk for human babies

but something happened to us that we elect to do just the opposite

instead of us giving our babies the milk of a female human we elect and chose to give our children the milk of an animal

i think that if we are to be scientific intelligent and lois on the strider to use of a common sense is there something wrong with that and then to compound the problem is that the animal that we selected

to afford us this milk it’s an animal that was made through the process of hybridization an animal that is god less god did not make a cow

you see why we are titling this subject as the reconnection how many of you sitting in the audience

understood that or knew that

well i suspect that many of you doesn’t

why because in 1985 which is approximately 17 years ago the usher research institute took a position and showed the public of New York on wlive that carrots are artificial

because they are artificial they are unable to deliver the nutrition that one is looking for because it is hybrid you see to understand nutrition one has to use only those substance that are electrical

and the only substance on this planet that are electrical are the products that came with creation carrots didn’t beets rice beans wheatgrass wheat all these things are hybrid plus much more so what we are noticing is that

there is gross misinformation

when it relates to healing and nutrition because if in 1985 we didn’t know that carrots was artificial

what else exists that we are unaware of well brothers and sisters ladies and gentlemen there is much more the reconnection

does not allow for inconsistencies to prevail

for instance if one is cosmically connected meaning connected to the dictates of god almighty the creation the creator one would never allow oneself to indulge in something other than those things that are of creation and creator you see the things that god created from the milk of a bison to the honey of a bee to the substance of a burdock plant and the kalawala which is one of the most powerful plant in the world these plants are electrical opposed to comfrey opposed to aloe vera ginseng rose hips and vitamins

you see the difference is

one is electrical one is non-electrical and the non-electrical contains what starch as a base so you see in the reconnection we find that we begin to clarify much of the inconsistencies

we go into this little other part that is most unnecessary

in the year of 1985 the usha research institute placed an ad in the village voice the amsterdam news and the new york post that aids has been cured by the usher research institute and we specialize in cures for sickle cell lupus herpes blindness cancer insanity impotence and others when the attorney general saw this ad

he could not under any circumstances

accept that this ad was representing something that was accomplished according to him this could not be true but what the attorney general of new york didn’t know about those of us who are members of the usher research institute is that we were aware that until that day of September of 1985 we were aware that until that day September of 1985 there’s no record there are no records showing that someone somewhere on this planet had cured these diseases that before mentioned so how could the attorney general Mr Rob Abrams of New York could have believed that this was possible now it became a thing of confrontation which was unnecessary we said that this is the reconnection

but in the reconnection we find carbon that have we have yet to understand or to study carbon we are told that melanin

is what makes pigmentation the color that it is we have been fed melanin like we have been fed protein like we have been fed vitamins and enzymes these are words that we have yet to dissect and to understand the meaning and the function well in the reconnection we find that carbon is the determining factor in reference to life

the higher the concentration of carbon

the higher the quality of life when carbon is absent life is also absent biochemistry supports of opposition

biochemistry shows that

carbon hydrogen and oxygen three combined has to be present for life to exist but instead of us learning about the function of carbon and iron we’ve been fed vitamins protein enzymes and melanin

but when the question is asked about this particular substance that is very important one of the most important questions that should be asked are they electrical

people seem to think that this question should not been asked shouldn’t have been asked is it electrical well science shows us that that question should be asked

why because the human body is electrical and any substance that would assimilate

and render the good or nutrition that we are searching and pursuing that substance must necessarily be electrical and then if it is electrical it will have a definite amount of electrons per atom separating one element or mineral from the other you see in nature everything lived by its own kind with its own kind remember we talk about chemical affinity so when we reconnect we find that carbon is the determining factor so this talk is the carbon papers

science shows that without carbon life is very very poor or non-existent and this is where the compounds of the usher research institute comes into play we carefully selected from the forest plants that are the highest in electrical vibration and ladies and gentlemen we said that god begins and ends with everything dispose us and compels us to go to the holy bible the holy bible teaches us in the book of genesis

that the herbs are for the healing of the nations

the book of Ezekiel 47 12 repeats the earth are for the healing of the nations we again go to the last book in the holy bible

the herbs are for the healing of the nations

so brothers and sisters ladies and gentlemen god shows us in the first book in the middle book and in the last book just in case that we overlook one we will get it in the other and if we miss the other we get it in the last so shouldn’t the question be asked if are we willingly

neglecting god and disobedient disobeying the mandate of god

are we doing that willfully knowing that this is one of the greatest violations

we talk about being obedient of course it is obedience that gets us the thing from the almighty that we so desire but how many of us are obedient to that dictate

very few of us i hope that I’m one of them

it says in the bible that the herbs are for the healing the nations

should we go back into history a little bit and revisit Mr Hippocrates the father of medicine we’re not going to mention Imhotep 1 because this problem with Imhotep the reason why we say that this problem with Imhotep 1 is because he was the first to open the human body

if the human body was made to be open it would have a zip on it it doesn’t have a zip on it it was not made to be open

but we are going to overlook Mr Imhotep one from Egypt in the first dynasty we’re going to skip over this man and we’re going to go to Hippocrates and maybe Hippocrates would shed light on what we are now expounding on

Hippocrates live

365 years before Christ was born this man cured every disease known to man Hippocrates did long before Jesus was born he was healing every disease so when we say that only jesus heals no we should see that only god healed because Hippocrates was here 300 years before christ was born but Hippocrates like Jesus Christ was obedient to the dictates of god almighty Hippocrates cured every disease by using what herbs or chemicals

we find that Mr Hippocrates didn’t use any chemicals because there weren’t any at that time he used only herbs

and at the time of Hippocrates

there were no such thing as aloe vera

comfrey peppermint there was already garlic that was made by the Egyptian but we know that by the Egyptian history that those people were a little bit confused because they were a product also of hybridization and cross-pollination

on even yoke history shows that the egyptians were across bread of african persian and greek that confuses things a little bit you see when things are complete their molecular structure is complete and they function in accordance with life but when you interfere and bring three different vibrations together that in itself shows us there is confusion so mr hippocrates obey the laws of life and the dictates of god

he killed every disease

now the question should be asked

if i’m a physician

that went through the discipline

and took the hippocratic oath

where if i took the hippocratic oath i am supposed to follow the precepts of Hippocrates

but why are we using chemicals today oh that went by

understandably so

all these violations in reference to healing and nutrition is occurring now

we’re not eating electric food we are eating things that were made by man in a laboratory since Mr Hippocrates showed the world that the herbs really work

that particular modality or philosophy perspective continued until the year of 17 and 29 by Mr Claudio Galeno he is considered to be the last of the natural scientists and that is a fact since this man Galeno the Italian what we found ourselves now using are chemicals that are inorganic and carcinogenic so ladies and gentlemen what went wrong what could have happened that caused us to disconnect

why have we continued continue to practice such inconsistencies well there is something that we just found out in the last 15 or 20 years

there is a substance that has been fed to our people in and out of Africa and probably around the world because a seed in asia not only in Africa i see seat in south America i saw it in Brazil i saw it in Suriname i saw it in Guyana i saw it all through central America what we are talking about is cyanide cyanide have a tendency

to interfere with brain waves vibration or hormonal

interfere with the hypothalamus cyanide interfere with the pituitary gland cyanide interfere with the central nerve system


had to interfere because we are continuing to violate that ecclesiastical mandate the herbs are for the healing of the nations and those of us that may have read that particular chapter in the bible or those chapters

we think that what we see today around us in the gardens and the fields that these things since they are herbs well god made them they must be good so i’m going to use aloe vera to cleanse your intestines i’m going to use comfrey to strengthen your bones but ladies and gentlemen little did we know that comfrey was made just like aloe vera was made they tell us that country has calcium it is called knit bone cun sound has many names but they never tell us that comfort is responsible for severe anemia yes it may work sufficiently probably in one part of the body and affecting a whole lot others like garlic garlic is a substance that would definitely lower your pressure because it would eat up the cholesterol in the arteries but did it tell us that garlic

not only does it remove the plaque or the cholesterol it eats the membrane because garlic is unstable it is another product that was made by man through the process of hybridization and cross-pollination garlic is a poison garlic has an oxide known as the oxide of allele this is why when you put garlic on a knife and you cut someone the womb would never heal so ladies and gentlemen we are bringing forth the questions we are asking the questions that were not asked probably because of fear or whatever reason but it is time disease is running rampant and at the usher research institute we feel that if we have accomplished all of these things such as the cure for aids sickle cell blindness and others then naturally we expect for the rest of the healers to converge on this particular modality or research and it’s not forthcoming so humanity will suffer a little bit longer so we want now for you to understand that it we are separating that which is hybrid from that which is natural and thank you very much and we will come to the next segment

now we’ll enter this other zone a zone that was of most importance yet our historian our anthropologists our archaeologists

our geneticists fail to bring forth and analyze and recognize

not mention

our ecclesiasticians i could talk about my brother

my brother was a preacher for 30 years he ate everything that god didn’t make and when he got sick pastor gail took his body to the physicians so we should ask the question this man that preached the gospel for 30 years

once finding himself sick elected and chose to turn his back on god and go to get a chemical that was made in a laboratory

we find that cyanide

is so powerful sinai would have you acting against yourself not to mention the creator he has no place in life today because if the creator had a place in our life today as much as we would like for it to be then most certainly we would not be drinking carrot juice and wheatgrass juice we would not be eating a cow that was made by a laboratory so there we find that violation is surmounting right a whole lot of it because of the cyanide

so we go back to the genesis genetics plays a most important role

why because when god made things animals and plant human beings just name all species of living things he placed the gorilla in africa and the polar bear in alaska

if you think that god made a mistake

all you have to do

is to put each animals in the opposite environment that god made for it like the gorilla place him in Alaska you will find that he would die with pneumonia in less than a fortnight place the polar bear in africa you would find that he would succumb to the heat it’s unbearable because his cells were not designed to to live in an environment so hostile as the one in the serengeti plain which is hot likewise the gorilla would say that the environment of the polar bear is hostile to his cellular structure and what about the food of the gorilla and the food of the polar bear where we find that the food of the gorilla are berries plants and leaves fruits

the diet of the polar bear on the other hand is flesh and blood

if we believe like we always does we believe in philosophy we believe in everything but we never know anything we just don’t know anything we believe in a whole lot of things like i always say that i prefer to deliver myself to god and to believe in god because there is uncertainty

the polar bear eats blood not so for the gorilla his plan but now we look at the behavior of these two animals we find that the gorilla is a very pleasant animal he has no enemies in the forest he raises his offspring just like we do do just like we do he raises his offspring he’s a pleasant animal not so for the polar bear this animal eats blood he has to kill to live because blood compels that animal to be vicious and savage so he eats blood

we go to the birds eagle it’s a bird

so it’s a buzzard and so is a hummingbird that’s a bird too

but the hummingbird like the gorilla he likes to indulge in the nectar of the plants he have nothing to do with blood he sucks the nectar from the plant he’s a very beautiful little bird he’s very gentle not so for the eagle the eagle on the other hand eats blood eats rats eats snakes but look at the disposition of the eagle and that of the polar bear opposed to the hummingbird and the gorilla we begin to see uh biochemical interference

we apply that same example to the plants ladies and gentlemen many of you that are acquainted with plants like the burdock the yellow dog

those are only two the virginia snake root those of you that are not acquainted with the plants in the tropics the demagogue the kalawala the cipress these are powerful plants these plants are responsible for us at the usher research institute reversing these pathologies or diseases so you find that these plants also does not live in an environment that is inconsistent with their cellular and genetical structure

you will never find kalawala grown in canada nor suppress nor demagogue that you will never find like you will never find the burdock in central America because these plants the kalawala the demagogue and the cypress a plant that grows in the tropical region of the planet

you will never find those plants in America likewise you will never find yellow dark burdock or even the one shepherd purse in central America because the climatic condition is inconsistent with the existence of those plants

so as we take a very close look at plants and animals we find that they have to obey a cosmic arrangement a life procession that has maintained throughout creation

does that apply to humans

the answer should be yes when god plays each group whether Eskimo, Chinese, Europeans native Americans and Africans we were placed in different geographical location with a food that is consistent with the cellular structure that we represent so in 1988

when the ocean research institute was litigated in the supreme court of New York because the ad read that aids and the rest of the diseases were cured

while being litigated we asked the supreme court of New York

since god made specific food for specific gene group

when you remove the Africans from Africa did you bring his food with him

the answer was no

where brothers and sisters if the food that god made for us was not brought with us

when we were brought on those ships from Africa 500 years ago

what are we eating

what are we ingesting

and whatever we are ingesting did our archaeologists paleontologists historians or egyptologists did they take time out to ask about the food that would maintain my hormones my central nervous system in perfect working condition no they didn’t ask these questions

this was never even thought of they went on to tell us about Plato the philosophers Plato, Aristotle, Diogenes as if though that matters the archaeologists were telling us about the various fossils that was found in Egypt 10 million years ago

the others the historian they talk about what took place in Africa so many hundreds of thousands of years ago but never that one said that he found or that they found a food that is consistent with our cellular structure and that is of most importance you see brothers and sisters

ladies and gentlemen

to understand healing to understand health one has to be very extremely careful

because each group depends on different food so while they was talking to us

and forcing us i remember the conversation oh this group of people they are dead black people are dead now black people are not dead black people are not ignorant black people has been misinformed

so since our food was not brought on those ships we are eating something that offends our biology and in offending our biology it offends our thinking pattern this is why we are vulnerable to this to the discretion of many

yes we are you know it’s like putting gasoline in a diesel motor

it’s not going to run it just can’t run

so in placing the fuel that is improper for that engine we find that there is problems and what do you think is happening to us could we dialogue and make sense

it’s difficult today cyanide has played such an important role in detouring that thinking pattern and we have been so resistant that if we are told that Africa holds the secret to our health and our existence we would quickly deny that there is a connection when deep down the creator placed us in Africa with a food that is consistent with us now we find ourselves angry our children very angry they are born nervous there is such thing as a d d attention deficit disorder there’s also the undermining the little untruths that we tell each others the impatience the love that’s been gone love is out the window because it would be impossible for us to love ourselves first while ingesting cyanide it confuses thought pattern it disarranges the central nervous system and one finds himself very angry i know i experienced that so what we did after understanding that these things were not forthcoming we decided to travel the world

once arriving at the understanding that when god does things this it should be respected we went to Africa central and south America we find the tropical plants we put them together and this is what we found that there is only one disease and that was said for the first time to the supreme court of New York in 1988 that there is only one disease that one disease that is afflicting us is the basis for all manifestations of pathology the mucous membrane has been compromised compromised by what by an acid substance you see our body our alkali the food should be alkali being that it is alkali it is acid free and it is electrical you will never find a battery that says acid battery no if the battery has energy it is alkali so at the usher research institute we took the pain taken task of compounding these products that you know today as natural vegetation cell food which assimilates immediately natural vegetation cell food which will nourish the body and render the electricity that the body really needs to maintain that vibration that vibrance that that energy that that livelihood that that site that life quality

now that we find ourselves at this juncture what do we do well like i said it is our duty it is not the duty of the European race the Chinese the Eskimo the Indian people from India that was our responsibility so this is why we put together

a food for the blood we call it maya

that is of a trademark in that maya you find many many herbs that addresses the blood plasma we also in the same therapeutical package we put together a compound for the bones we call it focus focus is a compound with cmos and bladder that was put together proportionally balanced to strengthen the calcium cells we put together another compound for the central nerve system we know that the central neural system depends on what the central nervous system depends on copper and carbon why because the brain is copper and carbon it produces electricity if you were to visit an electrical plant whether in Nevada or in your automobile just open your generator the piece of equipment in your car

that produces the electricity that lights your whole dashboard on your headlights

when you open that generator all you find is a copper wheel that is turning and some carbon brush rubbing against it the friction of copper on carbon produces electricity that i was able to extrapolate from Mr Benjamin Banneker it was then that i realized that for me to adequately nourish the brain i had to find those substance and i could only find them in certain places of the planet i find them in a king caliba in Africa i find them also in the marula i find them in the poppa this is what we put together recently is the African formula the African formula has a tendency to change your life in a matter of minutes because it addresses every part of you the other compound that we put together is a sad this is a self that has addressed many many skin problems pain in a matter of minutes headaches in seconds on the skin copper tunnel syndrome is properly addressed in a matter of minutes

iron fluorine like we before mentioned iron is one of the most important mineral on the planet and the reason for that is that iron is the only magnetic mineral on the planet it attracts every other mineral to it so when you ingest iron

you address you are ingesting every other mineral on the planet and they are a hundred and two this is why when people come to us that are severely anemic we recommend our iron our natural vegetation cell food which is iron fluorine not only does it revitalize the cells in the blood but we should know this that iron is what conveys oxygen to the brain and oxygen is what the brain converts and uses for electricity it is the food of the brain

so you see that there are many things that need to be unraveled because there seemed to be such a gross misconception they brought us protein they brought us enzymes they brought us vitamins they brought us melanin but we have yet to accommodate these things in our human biology they tell us but then i started thinking that

i stopped eating protein 39 years ago vitamins i stopped them likewise 39 years ago enzymes well i never knew what was enzymes i know many people think that they know but like everything else like this Dr Linus Pauling he brought us vitamin c what is vitamin c oh i know what the answer would be vitamin c is good for your immune system it strengthens the immune system

not so vitamin c is ascorbic acid the body has no place for acidity the body is alkali so you see in the carbon that we just pres that we are presenting we are unraveling much of the misconceptions and this is why we are privileged today and for the past 28 years to address all these major diseases in the way in the manner in which this should have been addressed but then another thing shows up is that today unlike yesterday there were more love among us and then we ask ourselves the question why is it that the love that we would like to manifest you know to feel warm when we see another human being to give that human being our love the best that we have to offer that is not forthcoming not only to our own selves we have turned against ourselves first because of the cyanide that has confounded these neurons in the brain cyanide the other is that we have been listening to philosophy instead of god and in so doing we neglect ourselves once we have neglected ourselves and deprived ourself because of this intervention of cyanide and philosophy we find that we too become confused and then it is difficult for us to give the love that we should give ourselves to others it’s not forthcoming because cyanide is interfering we are looking outside of ourselves for the answer of course we are we were trained to look outside of ourselves but the answer was always within so myself i was raised as a christian and i became a muslim i learned from both religions unlike many they found a need to criticize one or the other i criticize no one i may question the philosophy of many but not to criticize ladies and gentlemen it gave me much pleasure to introduce today the first chapter in the carbon papers and i assure you that if the things that we have expounded on are put into practice yes rewards will be seen immediately and now i thank you so very much i love you and we will always afford you our natural vegetation cell food and i thank you so very much your brother servant Dr Sebi


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