Dr Sebi: CHO Chain of Life (CARBON, HYDROGEN, OXYGEN) – Protein – Vitamins – Enzymes

Dr Sebi - Healing Modalies

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Dr. Sebi:

Good day, good life to my listeners. Today we’re going to explore the journey of the carbon papers 2. In the journey we’re going to select two of the most important things that one could apply to one life and the journey be like tools like a carpenter with this hammer, like a tailor with his needle, we’re going to use obedience and understanding.

Obedience to what, to the laws of life.

Understanding comes after the obedience.

In understanding the laws of life, we find that in the structure of life there is a mineral known as carbon. There is oxygen, and there is hydrogen that is known as the CHO arrangement – carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.

Without these three players there could be no life expression. This is chemistry, this is bio chemistry.

In the past 300 years we have been listening, reading and reading to things, about things such as vitamins, protein, enzymes, yet I found that very few people knows what these things are on what role they play in the human body. You know. it is like giving someone a toy and telling them that Santa Claus brought this toy, that’s not the truth, so when people, when we accept protein, vitamins and enzymes as players in this life procession then we are prepared to accept melanin.

Remember what we said and this could be investigated, that CARBON, HYDROGEN and OXYGEN are the main players in not only supporting life, but in the manifestation of life. You see everything that is constructed by the universe, creation or God has the structure of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen; and it is starch less whatever substance that is created by the universe is starch less.

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