Dr Sebi – The Callaloo (Amaranth Green)


Dr Sebi:

Guess what I saw?

I saw callaloo growing thickness like from this wall, to this little wall here, for miles, and miles ,and miles ,and miles and the only person in Maui that’s eating the Callaloo is a Jamaican from Montego Bay wow wait wait should I ask him I said hey how come nobody eating the callaloo, he said, hey man don’t tell nobody that the stuff is that good.

I said wait, what the Haiwaiian eat, they eat spam. Do you know that the US government, that company Hormel Meat they make spam special for Hawaii and yet they got callaloo right there. You know about callaloo? I know you bad girl, I know you are bad. Callaloo is one of the most nourishing substance there is on the planet and you want me to tell you something about Callaloo? Do you know that in the Caribbean, callaloo seeds made a fool out of me? [amaranth] Callaloo made a fool out of me right in New York.

I’m gonna show you, in my very wise years I used to grow wheatgrass and an old lady came and said you’re dumb say oh god Mrs Hallowman, why you say I’m dumb? Because you’re dumb you’re using that wheatgrass that’s weak, that’s acid.

I said [oh shit!] I got really weak right? So while I’m in New York I noticed that callaloo grew in all over the place. It grows in New York and Philadelphia and New Jersey it grows here oh what the callaloo gonna show me that it will not show you in Grenada, in Trinidad or in Barbados or anywhere else but United States around November the latter part of November look for it, the flowers of the Callaloo it’s gonna produce some very small small little seeds the pretty the red red red, blue blue blue, pink all colored they’re beautiful so now the wise me I’m gonna say yeah I stopped eating the wheat grass so I’m gonna eat callaloo sprouts so I wrap my little tray put the medium then I sprinkle the seeds on it, how long it takes you for wheat grass to grow, three weeks and and you got a nice grass, callaloo ain’t sprung yet, one month pass no callaloo sprout, two months no callaloo sprouts I goes in my bed in Brooklyn and I lay there this damn callaloo isn’t sprouting and the callaloo say you’re stupid I’m natural, I’m electrical, I sprout in the spring, oh my god excuse me one second, oh god, when the callaloo sprout it was all over with.

I’ll be right back.

Okay I look at the callaloo and what it did to me.

I said you know you never know how much you knows until you confront reality and then you know how much you don’t know and I love it.

Callaloo plant (Amaranth)
Callaloo plant (Amaranth)
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