Have You Had Your Seamoss?


Dr Sebi:
…and many other things. I was insane, I really hated people and this is how I know that when someone is deploying these words that are less than good, make you feel good the person is sick, I was there I did that. I want to kill my ex-wife and the woman wasn’t bad Marilyn was a very good woman and I love Marilyn. Oh, I love her, I love the woman now, but I want to kill her but that wasn’t strange.

Look what Phyllis Hyman the great singer in America did, she killed herself not only her, what about Angela Yates, she drowned her five boys. She had to do that, we have to begin to look at disease uh at the act of the individual and place it in a disease perspective.

We are sick because I could have killed my wife and I’m not a criminal, why did I want to kill my wife because I was full of mucus the mucus was on the brain when mucus is on your brain you see things, you think all kind of evil things. Look people tell me that when they are in the bed just laying down thinking about nothing in particular here come this ugly thought, that have them crying yes you see it says that the brain now is stress.

When the Mexican removed my disease state I used to cry every evening around four o’clock I used to go home to cry but I remember locking the windows making everything dark. I live in a very dark world and notice carefully people that are stressed in the house they live in a dark world, they don’t want the outside to come in they don’t even want you to come into their life because they are very stressed, what go on what did you…

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