Dr Sebi – Thermal Waters Benefits

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Dr Sebi:

These three items that we will present to you today that plays a very important role in our method of healing and the properties used one is the thermal waters that we have to offer which are very curative because it contain a high concentration of phosphorus, sulfur, iron, oblium, gold and every other mineral that you could possibly think of in mother nature, all is in that water making it highly curative.

These are the thermal waters, these waters come out of the ground at the temperature of 210 degrees fahrenheit sometime above boiling point. Sometimes it’ll be low which you know 212 at the boiling point but this water has known to cure instantly nerve condition nerve problems we have karposi sarcoma, in the case of aids. People come here with these vicious sores, as they’re called karposi sarcoma and in four days those sores disappeared, this is crystal clear, make no mistake that in the united states there are parts that has there are health centers that offers what they call hot springs, now we don’t offer any hot springs here. Hot springs only means that water is flowing over a hot bed but it does not contain the minerals that you find in a thermal spring that is the result of volcanic activity. Well here in central America we have over 50 volcanoes and we sit in the middle of them so naturally we’re going to receive the benefit of such presence of the volcanoes so here we have the result the thermal waters that the Usha research institute has to offer.

Uh at the Usha Research which is part of the of the mountain range known as the Nombre de Dios, and in the back and here in front of us we see now these little beautiful round buildings which are the thermal baths. These baths is where you go and take your bed every day individually in your tub and it was designed like an African little village you know, which is which is part of our little scheme of thinking you know the black man he always prefer round than square, and we have six beautiful little bathtubs that definitely have done for you and for others uh that which one expect.

These are the interior, while the interior of the thermal bath if you notice, if they are made on a half moon structure you know we split the circle in half and you get a half moon and uh it is here where people come and experience relaxation instantaneously stress leaves once you enter this water because the presence of the minerals plus the ph being a ph of 8.8 which is more of the highest obtainable ph on the hydrogen ion concentration scale ph means hydrogen ions concentration meaning that your body would be energized immediately with oxygen and hydrogen ionizing it giving you energy and relaxing at the same time.

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