Dr Sebi – No Spinach, No Tofu, No Carrots


Many people consider spinach, tofu and carrots to be some of the healthier food options available – not so says Dr Sebi.

Dr Sebi tells why these options are not so healthy.

To note
Carrot is a starch.
Tofu robs the body of iron.
Spinach contains oxalic acid, and is not the ‘superfood’ it is hyped out to be.


Dr Sebi:

Now for us to eat, you have to have in your big skull the understanding of biochemistry, but when we were here [pointing to word Africa on the white board] we didn’t have to know anything about biochemistry. Why, because God doesn’t make poisons.

You see, God doesn’t make carrots. Well, let me put it here, stop the garbage.

Anytime someone tells you that Tofu is good for you, that someone that just gave that information to you has one eye open, but he’s confident that when he tells you to eat carrots and you drink it, you have both closed. So a one eye man is king where everybody is blind.

But the one that recommend the tofu is only half seeing, he’s blind, he’s got one eye open only, but he doesn’t know it.

Example, before we get into the real lecture, pull this out. This is how people take privileges on us. They don’t care about us. They feed us information that, oh god, that’s why the rest of the world laugh at us, because they know that we have both eyes closed.

Hear this ahh moringa. Moringa has twenty three times the iron in spinach. Spinach has iron, no, because spinach, let me take my time because there is a whole lot of information, I don’t want to drag it out.

Anything that has the pH of 7 plus is alkaline.

Anything that has less 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 is acid. Spinach, acid. Why compare Moringa with Spinach, when spinach has a starch base. It has no iron.
7 times the calcium in milk. Milk has calcium? Well, I stopped drinking milk 42 years ago [falls on his knees] and I could fall on my knees. You drink milk with Moringa, because they say to mix it with milk in some pages here. You’re not gonna fall on your knees at 73, you’re gonna leave your knees down there [audience laughing].

Eleven times vitamin A that you find in carrots, carrots have vitamin A? Carrots belong on the acid side of life. So right there, and they say to mix with carrot juice, why would they do that?

Then up here, they talk about the Ayuvedic system of medicine recommends Moringa. The Ayuvedic is Indian. The Ayuvedic system of medicine recommend cow milk. The Ayuvedic system of medicine has never cured any disease, nor moringa, nor any other system in the world.

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