Words of Wisdom – Dr Sebi

Dr Sebi

Dr Sebi:
But now we are the one responsible for taking us out of that state of disease and it’s easy. Its very easy, because if it was difficult I would not be able to address disease. I’m the little boy who didn’t go to school but I was able to find these compounds, I was led to it not, that I am smart, because I’m not. I’m not…I’m you because everything you are I am. So, together with you and your strength and the little bit of information that I had, you can move on and do the right thing, because today, we are deceitful, we embezzle each other. We lie to each other. You know, when you indulge in lying to your brother and your sister, I used to be so angry at brothers and sisters for doing that. But you know what I found, it comes out of the state of nervousness, which is disease, that’s why we are putting Bolingo together to eliminate that.

Those of us who are members of Bolingo, we would begin the process of showing the love that existed on the continent because we’re gonna come clean, you do not undermine brothers. You do not lie to a brother or a sister you guys don’t do that. Because, about the sisters, well, brothers know that the sister is stronger than him. Of course you all are…. problem with that. The elephant shows it, the lion shows it, you too, but because of the philosophy that was brought us and we were defenseless, ‘woman, you better shut your mouth. I wear the pass, yeah, but she answered, you came out of my vagina. So, who is better than who?’

It’s not about better, it’s not about losing or winning. It’s about complementing, because when I was in Brazil…I went to buy for a piece of land for Michael Jackson, Aqui in Bajia, Brazil. Man, I’m staying at this hotel [laughing], this Mexican and this Frenchman, telling the Frenchman, you French people, you guys don’t make Tequila, you don’t! We Mexicans, we make Tequila, and the Frenchman told the Mexican, hey Raul, I think that you forgot who made Champagne, we. So we all started laughing. Then the Russian said to me, but what are you gonna say about your family Sebi? I said, I think I have something to say about my family. [Hey, you better watch it]…why? Because your mama didn’t have any clothes on five hundred years ago. So, I said to Vladinov, his name is Gorgi Vladinov. I said Vladinov, what did you say, that my mama didn’t have any clothes on? He said ‘yeah’. I said ‘you hear what he said about my mama?’ So the Frenchman said, yeah, can you defend her?’

I said I don’t have to defend her, he already did. My mama in the jungles of Africa walk around without no clothes among our brothers and neighbours and friends and nobody was jumping on her. Then she is showing that she lives in a highly ethical society, a highly moral one. Take the clothes off and walk the streets and see who is the savage [applause].

Then it’s safe to say that mama didn’t have any clothes on. She didn’t have hospitals, clothes, money, alcohol, prostitution. she didn’t have anything, so you see, I am her son and this is why I am sinless. I was not born in sin, I don’t even know what sin is. We come out the jungle, out the jungles you do not find religions, you do not find philosophy. You find people that are cosmically connected [applause].

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