Dr Sebi – Diet vs Exercise

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Dr Sebi:
Did we have proteins in the jungle? The answer is no. We didn’t have any of that.

We had fruits, leaves and roots that we ate, that kept us healthy. And even up until the last century when Leni Riefenstahl went to Sudan and began recording the Nuba, she saw some very healthy people and all you need to do is buy ‘The Last of the Nuba’.

They didn’t have any machines to develop their muscles nor did exercise because they didn’t do that, they don’t do that. All those things are, exercise and machines to develop the muscles. When you take a look at the Nuba and then you look at someone that does these exercise, their body seem to very much developed but the leg is not consistent with the proportion of their body. Not in proportion, but the Nuba, like he was chiseled. So it isn’t a machine nor exercise that help us to reach that level of physique that we looking for. It is the food that you eat.

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