It’s The Same Treatment Whether It’s Diabetes or AIDS – Dr Sebi

Dr Sebi


Let me ask you this question. When someone comes to the Usha Herbal Institute and they have been diagnosed by their doctor as having the AIDS virus in their body, are your dietary recommendation and herbs that you prescribe for them, are they any different from what you would subscribe for someone who has a different disease like sickle cell anaemia? Is there any difference?

Dr Sebi:

There is no difference. There is absolutely no difference and this was shown to me in St Croix, where the Usha Research Institute opened its doors for the first time under the name of the Fig Tree at 429 Kings Street in Frederiksted, St. Croix. Three patients came, three people came to see me, ah one had diabetes and blind and delirium tremens which was Ms Margaret Allen, and then we had another gentleman by the name of Flores Archias McCough(sp.) and then we had another lady with arthritis, Ms Sylvester.

And they noticed that they had the same compounds in front of them, Flores Archias said to me, I think you made an obvious mistake. I said why, he said because I didn’t come with the disease that all these people have, one is blind and diabetic and delirium tremens but I dont have that but I have the same bottles they have. Sure, I have to CLEANSE the body whether you have AIDS, blindness, diabetes or whatever disease. The cells are now obstructed with mucus, like in the case of AIDS, the only thing I have to do is to give you an increase dosage of LYMPHALIN that is going to revitalise the lymphatic system, sure, it’s the same treatment, it’s the cleansing, an intra-cellular cleansing coupled by the African Biomineral Balance. This is for every pathology or irritation presented. Yes, we give the same treatment.

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