Dr Sebi – It Was Necessary To Understand Biochemistry

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In today’s world, man relies on the science to tell him what to eat. This is not true for any other species in this world. They live according to the laws of nature, eating a diet than is natural and consistent with their biology.

To understand why we get sick,, and why some herbs work while others don’t Dr Sebi had to understand biochemistry. This was one of the tools necessary in order to heal at the level he was able to.

Listen to what Dr Sebi had to say about the role of biochemistry in the healing.


Dr Sebi:

Another European philosophy, melanin falls under the same category. It is a belief, not a reality.

I was told in Washington DC, that I was violating one of the most sacred code or law of nutrition when I deprived Akilah Stroud of protein.

So I asked Dr Steinberg and Dr Glatt* of the Georgetown Pediatric Hospital.

‘Did you give her protein five times a day, you did.

‘Was she under your care for two years, yes.

No, she did not receive any of those things you call protein and she no longer have sickle cell anemia. So where is the validity of this thing we call protein?

Is it equity or is it deficit? We don’t know.

This is why Dr Sebi, when he embarked on this journey of healing, many was asking me, why are you concerned with the scientific aspect of this thing? I said, it is necessary to understand. Not to heal, to heal it isn’t necessary to understand the scientific aspect of it. But you must understand it the herb that corresponds with the disease that is manifesting. And the only way you could do that in the western world, and to prove that, that you wuld be respected as someone that could be of usefulness, is to enhance one’s self with the words that describes certain things, and that is the science of Biochemistry.

I had to, because my challenges would be from a scientific base and if I didn’t understand science, then I would be lost and they would gain momentum, when they should not.

So I decided to go into the scientific understanding of these things we call herbs. And what we found, that there is nothing on the planet that assimilate and could be of usefulness save that substance is electrical, and the only electric substance on the planet is a NATURAL PLANT.

Not Comfrey, Goldenseal, Peppermint, Aloe Vera and the rest.

They’re hybrids. But how many brothers and sisters in America, or anywhere in the world qualifies to offer a challenge when we have nothing to test that which we are given for validity.

* not sure of correct spelling for this word.

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