What’s Dr Sebi’s View On Garlic?


Dr. Sebi was known for advocating a plant-based diet and the use of natural remedies to promote health and wellness. He showed that foods and herbs could be used to treat and prevent diseases, and that certain foods and herbs could be harmful to the body.

In regards to garlic, Dr. Sebi did not recommend its consumption because it is a hybrid food that was created by man, and not naturally occurring in nature. Dr. Sebi noted that hybrid foods were not compatible with the human body and could lead to health problems. In addition to that it is acidic – which tends to be the nature of hybrid and genetically engineered food.

Instead, he recommended the use of natural herbs and spices such as sea moss, burdock root, and fennel, which were more effective in promoting health and wellness.

In short, Dr. Sebi recommended natural occurring foods and herbs or those that were naturally alkaline; garlic is not naturally occurring and it is acidic.

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