Dr Sebi – Indulging In This Not A Part Of Creation – Hybrids – Unnatural Foods

Hybrid foods

Dr Sebi:
By us indulging in those things that were not part of creation it divided us from ourselves.

Explain it… of course you deserve an explanation.

When someone consumes rice and beans, milk, cheese, butter and eggs by the time that person reaches the age of 30 there’s already the manifestation of a disease. Why, the membranes, the mucous membrane has been compromised to the acid food that we’ve been ingesting and that breaking down of the cells the part that suffers first is the brain, the thought pattern changes. Further there is stress that we are presented with, a high degree of stress. Why? Because we are out of balance. You know, it is like putting gasoline in a diesel car or feeding a gorilla grass, no a gorilla eats grass, but a polar bear eats meat you cannot give a gorilla the food of the polar bear which is blood then you’re violating the very creation of God because when God placed a gorilla in Africa there was leaves but for the polar bear he placed flesh and blood we now ask the question why are there so many divisions and expressions of God but just think about it just think about it for one minute, that the cows in England when they were given meat flesh grind up with the concentrate that they were eating what happened to the cows they call it the mad cow disease.

The cow was eating cow and he became mad we are eating cows and we expect to be sane.

So could that be the reason because God did not make a cow a cow is a hybrid animal. He’s not a product of life but because we have disconnected it is difficult for us to even see that that was possible that an animal could have been made but of course it was made through grafting this we didn’t know like they made an orange like they made a grapefruit. We left off about the cows not being a product of God so therefore one should not drink its milk nor eat his cheese but to know that to reconnect.

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