Dr Sebi – Is Raw Food Better Than Cooked Food?

cooked kale

Dr Sebi:

I’m glad I’ve found it.

No difference. In fact it would be worst.

The philosophy is if I eat something raw I will get all the enzyme. Right?

What are enzymes?


Great. The philosophy is if you eat something raw you are getting all of the vitamins and the enzymes out of it, that’s what they say.

Right? Well guess what when you eat carrots raw you are eating raw starch, whether you cook it or not, it is poison.

But on the other hand, if you get something natural and you eat it raw you get energy, you cook it, you get energy, you burn it to an ash and you grind it to powder black you get the same amount of energy because something natural never dies.

It just changes form but the enegy is there. So brother, we drop the philosophy of raw and cooked.

Because all of my iron, the iron that I make to reverse sickle cell, the herbs are cooked and how come they work? Because they are natural.

If it’s unnatural, it doesn’t mind, it doesn’t matter if you eat it raw or cooked.

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