Dr Sebi on the Maya

Dr Sebi

Dr Sebi:

She talked about the Maya.

I have to say this. She talked about the Maya. I made the Maya to improve the blood quality without knowing that the Maya is laced with nothing but Iron Flourine which allows OXYGEN to go to the brain.

So when I made the Maya I thought it would only strengthen the blood but people were saying, hey but my thyroid gland problem is gone, my sickle cell is gone, my leukemia is gone. Only drinking the Maya. It’s a liquid iron. Children that has ADD, which is Attention Deficit Disorder, they go like this [action]. As five o clock in evening, bring the child to me at 5’o clock.

At 5’oclock he is the coolest dude in the house.

Then we went to Africa to Guinea, travel between Sierra Leone, Guinea and Senegal same tribe, the Fula. They teach me a lot about herbs. I put the African formula together. Brothers and sisters I have never done anything in my life that made me feel so good. And my mother I used her as the guinea.

My mama said, what you giving me now? I said this is new mom. So I went to see her about three days later and this is my mom…I said ‘mom how you doing?’. She said ‘I don’t know.’ And she’s 88 then but she is washing walls.

So I want to say between the Maya and that African formula you’re going to really love me.

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