Dr Sebi Talks About The Validity Of Protein

Protein myths

Dr Sebi:
But we’re gonna do that now we’re gonna try to do this we’re gonna come here and we’re going to show you something that our fathers and mothers didn’t have to know but you better do it now because and then the professors they use it against you and it happened to me in Washington.

By a lady by the name of Dr Steinberg and Dr Glove this lady was used to imposing herself on black people look how we limited you know slaves son, cause you know well this particular day something occurred in DC when child had sickle cell anemia.

The child had sickle cell anemia for two years and she was only two years old, she was born with sickle cell Akela Strout.

The father snatched the baby out of the hospital and hid the little girl in Silver Spring. I began to treat her, two and a half months later, after three months the law caught up with us, the police came and picked me up at 2010 Kendall Street Northeast DC, the community warehouse, and they got the father and the mother, now we find ourselves in the hospital. Dr Steinberg upon noticing that in the three months that I was treating the child I made a log of everything she ate, she noticed this one particular thing, I didn’t give Akela protein, boy did she jumped on it.

I know this here, that you didn’t give Akila protein, protein, she said yes. I said Dr Steinberg are you sure that you want to rest your argument on protein being the base of your premise, she said, ‘yes, unless the great Dr Sebi believe that protein is an unnecessary food. I said I don’t know anything about protein, I said you forgot something I’m the child of that continent that you call Africa and we didn’t know anything about protein then.

Do you? What is protein?

Protein is one of the 19 amino acids the building block of life, I said Dr Steinberg. that is the response that I get from everyone that protein is one of the 19 amino acids, but the body needs acids? what could the body do with acids? The body is composed of 102 minerals, not one acid, the body is alkaline, the body is carbon based.

I said furthermore being that the body is carbon based it is electrical it moves and there could be no movement unless that movement is electrical now that we understand that the body is electrical, the food that would feed an electric body, would necessarily be electrical. How many

electrons per atom does protein contain? i don’t know you. I aid you use protein as your premise. You should know all about it. Do you know that Dr Steinberg didn’t know about protein and do you know that nobody in the audience knows about protein, neither do I, and why should we know about that?

Because they told us that protein is a necessary food, and we believe that and we begin to consume those things that represent protein.

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