Dr Sebi – I QUIT My Job at 47 Years – Deceit – Love

Dr Sebi

Dr. Sebi:

Went to California when I got so sick. I quit the ocean. I went to California

Found a man that healed me.

Still a steam engineer for the county of Los Angeles.

I told my friends and my colleague that I was quitting my job to become a Healer. They say, oh yeah what you’re going to heal?

I say, ‘every disease that they could bring to me’. So yeah man you’re 47 years of age and you’re going to quit your job, but you have 10-year seniority.

You only need 10 more years to go, and you could retire with a nice fifteen hundred dollars a month wages in retirement. But I chose to follow my dictate. From 14 years of age until 47. I realized my dream and I did something that I believe even until today I am the only individual that has a vocation, a profession, or a trade that is a shame to tell the world the benefit of that trade.

You see, there is something that is missing in our society. There is something that has plagued us over 400 years. What plagued us is deceit. Deceit has plagued us, and that deceit had made made us, all of us to feel very insecure with the other, which means I can’t trust you. ‘Child don’t you trust anybody now, because you know how people are,’ which is true, but we could never get to the root of the deceit and I suppose that I may have told a lie or two in my in the past. Compelled to tell a lie, which is embarrassing because you have to cover that lie, but we are compelled to do so.

So this journey of mine, it’s not my journey, it is my predilection. I left the most beautifulest woman in the world that I love so very much, her name was Marilyn Wood from Tennessee. When I told her that I was going to leave her, she asked if there was another woman.

I said, ‘no, it’s these plants.’

And what does that have to do with our marriage? I said, ‘you’re not gonna follow me because I you met me as an engineer we, I bought your house you got Volvos every year and I’m going to abandon all of that to go after nothing. I don’t want you to suffer because I will suffer.’

I left that lady a week later.

I left my job. I left everything.

Now tonight I stand before you about to tell you what has been accomplished, not by me, but by The Entity that we all are indebted to which is God, which is creation, but because of deceit it is very difficult for us to accept truth.

Truth today in our life has been expressed in a thousand ways. What is truth in China isn’t truth here. What is truth for the Alaskan, not so for the Bedouin in the desert of Arabia, but there is a universal truth, that’s God.

But even God has so many different expressions. I’m a Muslim, I am a Christian, I am a Buddha, I am a Shinto, I am a Punjab, I am all of that, and we all say it all filters to God, which is good, because if we were tied to that one entity we call God then love would come out of either one of them. So therefore, there would be no wars because we are tied to God. If we all are tied to God there could be no war, because God Is Love, Not War. So again we begin to see that something is wrong because whatever religion we are we find a need and a compelling thing to offend the other in the name of the god that we defend. So I knew that all of this was against me so what happened God placed something in me that I am ashamed to tell you what has been accomplished through the energy of God. Not through me because I don’t need no credit from you. I don’t need no fame because I don’t need that, that doesn’t make me happy. You giving me credit doesn’t make me happy. What makes me happy is that which come from inside of me. You can’t give me that. No one could give me that.

But what I need from you is this what you need for me, that is love, that’s all I need from you.

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