Dr Sebi – We Were No Savages

Dr Sebi

Dr Sebi:
So let us now introduce one that will complement us, the black man. The position of the black man was always one of healing.

When the black man was found in Africa did he have prostitution? [audience: no] Did he have alcohol? [audience: no] Did he have religions? [audience: yes]

No he did not. Nature did not start with religion. Nature only create those things that are necessary that supports life, religions does not support life, life support life.

Did we wore clothes? No we didn’t wear any clothes. It was a statement that we were making but this statement was misunderstood by the foreigners. The visitors said we were naked and we believed it. They said we were but could you imagine a man standing here without no clothes since creation.

How old is creation ladies and gentlemen? Nobody knows but since creation we lived in the forest of Africa without no clothes and one day some strangers came and said you are naked [applause]

And because we their children have negated them and misinterpret our parents, we become like embarrassed because our parents lived in Africa without no clothes, yes they have no clothes.

See body without no clothes receives oxygen, it keeps you calm, it keeps you healthy. With polyester it deprives you of oxygen. Haven’t you heard the policeman in Los Angeles that was jogging with the polyester and fell dead, the deprivation of oxygen. We wore no clothes, no we didn’t but there were no prostitution. See and when I when our parents ate, they ate from the tree, when they bathe their body they was in a river without chlorine or 200 chemicals and they were savages?!

A man that ate the freshest food in the world and bathe in the cleanest river was a savage, well let us take a journey because I am the son of that savage. I am her child, I am their child. I am my mother’s son. Fortunately for me she is, has been and will always be the only entity that I would ever listen to. No one else, nobody else, no philosophy or no one else, my mother, I came out of her.

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