Dr Sebi – Melanin, Central Nervous System, Resonance – Explanation!

Dr Sebi

Dr Sebi:
In the carbon papers things would be clear things would be afforded to you in a way that it would be very clear to balance it against another, whatever perspective clarity is what afford photo site. So in the carbon papers we find that melanin as alluded to by many as being such an important mineral or yes mineral or substance some says it is a neuro-chemical substance, well ladies and gentlemen.

I am not a student of medicine or neither am I a student of philosophy.

Everything that I have done is based on life arrangement, every word, every decision, every act has to complement life procession.

In my understanding of life melanin doesn’t appear anywhere but I am told or I was told by some of the people that promotes it and write about it. I asked the young lady if melanin is such an important substance would it be intelligent for me to ask where is it produced? Where do you find it in the human body oh of course very intelligent as you said in the neurons of the central nervous system.

iI was really surprised, I have never been to school whether kindergarten or college this lady has a doctorate degree in probably neuropathology in psychology and whatever else, making the statement so easy that it is produced in the neuron of the brain of the nerve, then one has to question what is it that science has afforded us because this statement is grossly inconsistent.

The nervous system produce nothing, the nervous system is a conduit, it conveys resonance from the brain to each organ to each system to each cell. Without the brain
the heart would never be.

It is the electricity from the brain that afford the heart to pulsate, in turn the heart supplies the brain with oxygen via the blood, the lungs purifies it. The central nerve system is to convey that resonance to point b it produces nothing, any production of hormones or chemicals in the body is produced by glands.

It doesn’t produce, it isn’t produced by the central nervous system. The central nervous system is the carrier of resonancebut because we have to accept what the intelligentsia has afforded us, because we have no right to question. That right has been removed from us.

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