Dr Sebi – Effect of Skin Bleaching

Skin bleaching

In Jamaica and many African countries people use skin bleach to lighten their skin. What is your opinion about it? They do not want to… they want to erase their black color so they use skin bleach. So what is your opinion about it?

Dr Sebi:
What about Zimbabwe? What about Nigeria?

Yeah problem in Nigeria.

Dr Sebi:
What about Guinea? I’ve got to look fair, right, like sister, it’s not the sister’s fault for trying to bleach the skin. It’s because they’ve been told, that the blacker you are – like the nigg@r here is ugly, man lighten up ok nigg@r.

So, I will lighten up, so the sisters believe that they’re doing good, yeah. So what do I think of it? They will get cancer, definitely. It’s coming down every day. It’s like white people who want to be black, you get cancer. They love the Sun.

That’s why we…

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