Dr Sebi On Noni Juice, Kava Kava, Guarana, African Palm Oil, Goldenseal, Aloe Vera

Noni plant

Dr Sebi, one other question before you he leaves, uh someone had asked a question I told him we had ended the question answer period. About noni juice, I think you’ve already answered the question about the vitamins. Uh someone had asked me about noni juice, I don’t know if I’m gonna respond to that.

Dr Sebi:
If I take a substance known as Kava Kava I would be stimulated where it looked like I’m getting energy but the fact of the matter is it is obstructing and it is adverse to my central nervous system. Guarana, Kava Kava are two something that you don’t put in your mouth, why, because they were not made by god. Noni, Noni juice, I’ve been hearing noni juice now like I heard about Goldenseal, like I heard about Aloe Vera. Don’t you remember ten years ago how Aloe Vera hit the market? Everybody was selling the big bags of Aloe Vera, bottles and all kinds of stuff. The panacea for disease was Aloe Vera and before Aloe Vera it was Pau d’Arco before Pau d’Arco it was Golden seal and now it is what, Noni juice well all you have to do is drink yourself tons of Noni juice, but who made Noni?

The same man that made the African Palm oil, the French name noni, make noni in those Pacific islands. They’re cultivated, they cult… like Chinese cultivate herbs. Ladies and gentlemen you cannot cultivate that with god made because that which god made only give fruits once a year, not twice, once, just once, Noni juices for is prohibited.

God prohibits it, noni juice cures nothing. It doesn’t give you any energy because it doesn’t have a complete molecular structure so therefore it is non-electrical don’t take my word for it take a drop of Noni juice and put it under an electron microscope and there is nothing in it.

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