Dr Sebi on Tofu


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Dr Sebi:
When you eat tofu… just put cow milk here here.

All these things we’re going to put under acid.

When you eat tofu, what tofu will do to you is this. Tofu will enter the body and begin to rob your moisture out of the body, rob your moisture. Beside your moisture, it’s gonna rob you of your oxygen. Why? Because tofu is starch. Tofu was made during the year of 1825, is it? By Gregor Mendel download this name, put him on the acid side, Mendel. Gregor Mendel, you download him, he made every bean that we eat.

So now as we look at this tofu business, we find that it is so acid that Mr Eddie Murphy first fiance her name is Fashon, she came to me and she said that she was anemic and she showed me her hands, they were yellow. I gave her Maya, I gave her Maya, I double, I tripled, her hands were still yellow. I said girl could I study your case for a while? It took a week. I said could you come to Florida, she did. The tofu had delivered sulphites in her body and that sulphite would steal your iron. So I had to remove the sulphide; and the only way that I could remove the sulphide from her body. I had to give her something known as what sodium fluorine. That’s come from a plant called the BLUE VERVAIN. Two days later her hands were pink because of tofu.

Do not under any circumstances give this to your children milk or the powder it is extremely dangerous.

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