Dr. Sebi on Impotence

Dr Sebi

Dr Sebi:

People go down to Honduras and in less than three day the pressures down. The man just came from Cayman, Scott Wright, Cayman, Grand Cayman. He came down with high blood pressure, diabetes and impotence, young brother, fifty-two.

Three days later, hey my pressure is down, Dr Sebi, my pressure is down. I said, yes I know that, what’s the problem is, why are you so amazed. Five days later, my sugar is gone, I don’t have no more sugar, and then on the tenth day he come with his girlfriend telling me… I like to see that because I was impotent and this old folks in Honduras was telling me to drink eggs and wine and meat, cheese, butter and the Mexican say, you crazy.

Stop eating, and you’ll get all the sex you want, stopped eating, and it happened. So brothers, if you’re in trouble, stop eating. And there’s a product outside, they call it Viento. Brother, I don’t care how much in deficit you are, you would be out in less than 24 hours. I know, I have to be abreast with that because my wife is 20 years younger than me. I can’t allow this woman to get ahead of me, you understand, and she looks good and she’s youthful so I have to maintain energy.

And I want all of you brothers to understand that, that ahh, that stuff that we eat, wait lets draw this for you and we will see what it is I’m talking about because this is important

I recorded a man from the age of 15 I saw his life because I was a curious boy remember I’m the boy that didn’t go to school so I was looking at thing that the school boy wasn’t looking at or seeing. This man named Brinley. He was in his twenties I was 21 he was twenty five, four years older than me and he was a woman’s man, but when I was in my forties that I went back to Honduras
Brynley was 46, I was 41 and Britney was like yeah man, yeah, yeah.

His wife gone, she’s a seamstress, she gone a long time but when he was young he had every woman in the world. I said Brinley what happened, man you know I’m old now. I said, hey n!gga you’re 46, I’m 41 [laughing]. There again, what is old? What is old? Old is when you get to my age 73, nigga you old. Sure I’m old, if I had a big belly on me and I wore these glasses and I was hooked up to a machine. Aint no woman want a old sick man beside her, so brothers look stop eating blood because when you get to my age you want to be healthy, you want to be playing with her, right?

Sure you do, why not, she’s your companion you want to play a lot with this woman Brinley couldn’t. Why? You see this stuff right here, This is what a man place his manhoodness with, his penis, yeah I’m a man but in here, to keep this penis erected these little orifices they call veins
and the rest has to be opened for the blood to flow or else…You think I can’t talk about it I was 30 years of age that was happening to me and the last person that saw that was a woman named Audrey Williams she said what’s wrong with you, I say, I don’t know.

She said, you’re sick, you better see a doctor because you’re too young, you’re 30 years of age and I did and it happened but I had to stop eating.

On the first,second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh day I was happy on the 8, 9, 10, 11
12, 13, 14 I was going and holding on to the bathroom, I was… everything was spinning around, why because all of the mucus that was leaving my brain, my eyes was very foggy, I couldn’t see I was already wearing glasses, but now it’s worse but on the 17, 18, 19. On the 17 day I woke up I were looking at the ceiling I remember feeling so calm a feeling that I had not experienced in many, many, many years. I was calm. On the 27th day I didn’t hear the wheezing in my chest from the asthma. My diabetes, I couldn’t find glucose in my sugar. But on the 57th day of fasting of not eating anything I had an erection, why? Why? Aha.

They drain out, they drain out because I was taking these herbs and drinking water. Taking these herbs and juice and drinking water and the body got a chance to do what cleanse itself you see it’s easy, it’s easy to bring back that happiness, that we could love, that we could share.

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