Dr Sebi – I’m Kept In An Incubator

Man with box

Dr Sebi:

Let me say this 1989 in New York there was a big meeting the Afro-american War on AIDS, so I’m home in my little cubby hall in Brooklyn this woman called me and said Sebi you got to go to this meeting. I said you out of your mind! Why am I supposed to go there because everybody is against me Dr Barbara Justice, Dr Prince, Dr Lowe, Dr everybody and you want me to go there? Yes we do. Me and my stupid self, I jumped in the limousine I got to the uh Harlem uh state building and they were talking about aids they were talking how you should make the AIDS patient comfortable until he dies and when the man was about to sit down I jumped up the man is right the brother is right well they were shocked what the hell is this [ __ ] I said but we have the answer we cure AIDS but all the white folks that was in the room looked at me and guess who the responded, the black woman Dr Barbara Justice she said you shut your mouth, but she had to after all who made her.

She’s not the product of Africa, OK. She said Dr Alleyne Mohammad is coming from Washington is coming from Washington to give us a very important message om AIDS yes I say I put that message, that aids kill black people I said we are totally oblivious to that we need Dr Allen to come to Washington to tell us that AIDS kill black people, you hear me, I cure AIDS.

What happened nothing I’m not gonna happen not because you’re not gonna do anything about it so I am kept in an incubator.

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