Mushrooms Are Very Good – Dr Sebi



Can you give us some foods that are alkali?

Dr Sebi:

Foods that are alkali, well, we could begin with mushrooms. We could begin with mushrooms, quinoa, quinoa, amaranth, mushrooms [man:which mushroom] portobello, cremini, also oyster mushroom.

Many people are of the opinion that oyster mushroom or mushrooms are fungus, what is a fungus? A fungus is something that grows on you and eats things up, mushroom, mushroom is the product of mycelia, this is a network that nourishes. I have cured many diseases, psychological problems with the Stropharia cubensis*, so let me tell you something, mushrooms are very good, they are high in potassium.

*Stropharia cubensis was reclassified into the genus Psilocybe. It is now scientifically known as Psilocybe cubensis. It is also called Magic Mushroom.

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