Dr Sebi – The Black Woman – Nature Set The Bar

Stinging nettle

Dr Sebi:

They would have to bend to the standard that has been set. I didn’t set the standards, I didn’t raise the bar, nature did that, you did that, the black woman, not me. Everything I’m doing is only an expression of the black woman and they never would understand that because those the healers in America 99 and 9 10 percent are men but the people that I learnt from they were all women except for the man that healed me.

So they would say in protection of themselves he declined why would I decline if I have something to share that is so valuable. They are not sharing anything that really showed that they healed people of the disease that we have cured. We set the standards. We raised the bar so it meant then if they the healer had come to Dr Sebi, Dr Sebi would be compelled and obligated to share with them the latest research and we got it, but, they didn’t come, but I’m glad they didn’t, why? Because I’m going to give it to who it belongs to. It belongs to you the woman. I’m glad that it didn’t come but I didn’t decline that, no.

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