Dr. Sebi – Garlic & Tofu 2 – How To Make Alkaline Burger.

Dr Sebi on Tofu

Dr Sebi:

All plants that God made are electrical.

and the non-electrical are what…’oxide’.

Am I right? Good.

So put that at oxide.

Oxide is not acid though.

Oxide is neutral, it doesn’t have acid, or is it…it’s alkali.

but it doesn’t have energy, electricity then, okay so let’s draw the line here. So if you want to use the word oxide.

You have to put it here O – X – I – D – E
The opposite to oxide is what? Phosphate!

Want to hear what garlic has in it now? I know you gonna go home and throw it away.

You better, because whatever ails you inside of you will never be healed.

Whatever ails you in your body when you eat garlic will never be healed, so just hang it up, don’t even go there.


A little…

See I have young kids like her and younger ones and they keep me abreast of it, mold, the language.

Don’t worry I’m not gonna fall.

It contains ‘Oxide of Allyl’, that’s a dangerous poison.

It prevents internal wounds from healing.

The Japanese knew.

That put garlic on my wife’s cut, legion, if i did it would never close that’s what it does it prevents any wounds from healing and if you doubt me cut yourself and put garlic on it.

Mechanical world for this [pointing to board], nothing spiritual.

So brothers and sisters, ladies and gentlemen, friends and everybody else it’s time for us to raise your understanding that we just left an hour ago, right? I know you’re not going to go back to it i know you’re not going to put tofu in your mouth right ? How many eat tofu? Be truthful cause I ate it too.

Now when you leave meat and you eat tofu you’re happy because tofu is an answer to meat.

You put your garlic on it, and your seasoning, your cumin and you put that one on the oven or like a frying pan or you scrambled it with tomatoes and onions and stuff and boy it is the answer to meat and now because tofu contains, I shouldn’t tell you what tofu contains.

I don’t think that I need to tell you what it is inside besides starch, because of your brother, our brother, but mainly yours because he was [ _ ] not from Honduras, because all the wise work came from you here in America, not from black folks in Africa or in Honduras, it came from you.

Check on all the inventions, who invented everything in America? I mean I don’t even have to tell you, just go to the business…. and they’ll tell you. George Washington Carver.

He used soybeans to make plastic if he uses soybeans to make plastic, if he uses soybeans to make plastics, it meant that soybeans contain inorganic silica, it’s gonna change your reproductive organs up. So the brother that was giving you tofu he even he didn’t care about you or he was very very misinformed. You cannot make plastic out of something unless there is carcinogen or silica in it, nature doesn’t do that. So we not going tofu no more isn’t it? Why we eat tofu, because want to get away from the meat but I make my own meat. I just made one for my son. He said daddy, I heard that you invented something new here, put together something new.

I said yeah my man.

What do you do?

I said here taste it.

I cooked some natural rice, you know what natural rice is right? The black rice the one that comes only once a year, here we go again, anything that god made only give you crop once a year, not three and four. So I took the rice and I boil it until it was soft. I took a half a pound and I put it in a blender, in the food processor while this thing is processing to the grind up really fine, I put in it some flour from the uh from the quinoa or the spelt and then I also put in there the mushroom that I talked about. I put some dried tomatoes. Then I soaked and it was soft and then I processed and I made this dough. I put it in some onions, and I put some some uh come on thyme, and some sweet basil and a little bit of veggie salt. I took it out of the food processor and I made these patties put it on the grill, some olive oil and that was the best hamburger my son ever had. Everybody that came that night was very very extremely happy because it’s that meat that kills us because we know it’s a poison. It causes varicose veins, they can’t have sex after 35, it’s a problem to have sex. The wife cried because she just he doesn’t know what to do.

I was there I know what it’s like because you feel embarrass because everything fails and we’re ashamed to say hey man, I’m impotent. The only person I know who had the nerve to say that was Harry Martin in New York. He said brother I’m impotent, I came to see Sebi because I’m impotent, my wife’s complaining.

Now are you gonna help me Sebi?

Now all the sisters were lie wow, you know you sisters always liked when one of us are truthful yeah really humble ourselves you usually like it. But when we stand up and, ‘aint nothing wrong with me!’ Who me? I take care of business my man! And you’re lying.

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