Dr Sebi on Blue Vervain (Prostate, Nervous System, Reproductive)

Blue vervain

Dr Sebi:

The BLUE VERVAIN has always been one of my favourite plants in addressing PROSTATITIS and the Central Nerve System.

Yes here we have out of the bowels of mother nature another gift for us, one of the most beautifulest plant in the world. I mean it has these beautiful flowers, purple flowers and green leaves.

If I was an artist I would never have integrated both but look at what mother nature is doing.

This plant is responsible for many, many, many things.

First just go to the Central nerve system and the prostrate gland. This plant is effective not only in the prostrate glands of men but in the reproductive organs of women.

This plant to me is one of the most valuable plant. But it has a secret, if there is such a thing, which I don’t like to use the word, but it’s something that should be known that the Blue Vervain as it is called and rightfully so, the Blue Vervain. The Blue Vervain is a plant that you have to be careful in processing fresh everyday.

The ROOTS could last a long time, about six months. And this is one of the things we find in the United States that because our brothers and sisters do not get the fresh herbs, it prevents them from reaching that goal that they are seeking.

And I really do believe that our brothers and sisters in the United States are really trying to do their best and see how they could help because it is impossible for me to think that a black man, that belongs to the black race is a member of the black race then would deliberately take upon themselves the position to destroy us by recommending things that does not work.

No, that is not their position, we know that, we know they mean well.

But because they do not have the privilege of using plants like this one, fresh, so it would become effective.

So this plant contain again iron, magnesium, phosphorus, but one of the thing I like of it, it contains zinc and potassium phosphate.

So it appeals to the central nerves system because of the potassium phosphate which fights inflammation and treats the nerves system and iron fluorine which again address the blood.

The Blue Vervain, this is among many of the plants we use in various compounds but this is one that I like very very much because it makes me feel so good and its so pretty, this is the Blue Vervain.

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